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Nick, the creator of Bet Majestic

Bet Majestic is a new blog dedicated to providing information and guidance about online sports betting and trading opportunities. Lots of our subscribers have made significant sums as they beat the bookies by using the hints and strategies that they have picked up here.

Bet Majestic covers many different sport betting opportunities, so the strategies that are learned here are of great value to our readers and we love to help online punters where we can.

Who is Bet Majestic for?

Novice traders, more experienced sports gamblers and even experts will find some useful suggestions that they can add to their portfolio of betting systems. It doesn’t matter how big or small your betting bank is, there is something here for anyone looking to beat the bookies.

Football betting is one of the most popular sports for many online punters as there are so many matches all around the world and liquidity is excellent for big games. We also have posts dedicated to cricket betting, tennis trading, horse racing strategies and many others. Bet Majestic posts are clearly written and avoid jargon where possible – we will always explain complicated scenarios, without talking down to you in the way that some more patronising gamblers may do.

A completely novice trader should take some time to learn more about the value online sports betting and trading opportunities that exist here.

I started Bet Majestic during 2016, because there is a gap available for a blog which provides so much background on the bets and trades that are possible. I really appreciate any constructive comments or feedback that anyone has to help make the site even better. Please do get in touch here

I love most sports and am a Tottenham fan in my spare time (and as a result I never bet or trade on them as I don’t want to mix business with pleasure!). I enjoy tennis, cricket and horse racing too. Using my experience as a writer, combined with my love of sports betting, the idea setting up my own sports trading website seemed obvious and I hope that you enjoy and get some value from it.

I have been developing my [Value Finder Spreadsheet] for a long time and am delighted that I have now found a way to share it with so many other like minded people.

Bet Majestic sends out updated hints and tips on a regular basis, so if you would like to become a free subscriber AND receive a free ebook into the bargain, please click here.

We are on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ too so please follow us and say “hello”. I would really love to hear from you.


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