Bet Majestic Amazing Value Calculator – Your Key to Success

The Bet Majestic Value Calculator is a brilliant tool which will help you:

  • Calculate the value of your bets
  • Consider the value of several different outcomes (e.g. win / lose – win / draw / lose)
  • Calculate your bets based on recent form in football
  • Work out the best stake to place on a bet
  • Use the Kelly Criteria to help in calculating your stake

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Simple Value Calculator

value betting simple calculator

Simple Value Betting Calculator

The Bet Majestic Simple Value Calculator gives you the opportunity to calculate the “appropriate” odds in a sports event, by converting what you think the outcome will be into the “correct” value odds. You will then be able to use this information to know whether the odds that the bookie is offering you are good value or not.

The Simple Value Calculator is easy to use, data input is simple and the results are immediate.

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Football Value Calculator

Bet Majestic Football Value

Bet Majestic Football Value Calculator

The Bet Majestic Football Value Calculator is a second part of this tool which makes calculating value bets on football matches remarkably simple and accurate. Finding value in any bet is extremely important. This tool makes it simple.

By simply entering a teams previous 5 results (available from many sources, including BBC Sport and Statarea), the tool will calculate the likely result in the next match between the 2 teams. By using this statistical information, we work out the “correct” odds and if you find a bookie offering you higher odds than suggested, you have found a value bet and should have a wager.

Stake Calculation

value betting stake calculator

Bet Majestic Stake Calculator

The Bet Majestic Stake Calculator is the third part of the Value Calculator and it is brilliant.

Any online punter knows that not every bet will win. Every system has it’s flaws and cannot be perfect. You are increasing your chances of beating the bookies by opting for value bets, but even then you can never be certain of winning.

The stake calculator is the answer to this problem. It prevents you from over exposing your betting bank.

The first part of the tool simply allows you to calculate an appropriate stake based upon the size of your betting bank. At this point, remember that you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

The second part of the tool is marginally more sophisticated, but again, very simple to use. It is based on the Kelly Criteria. It is designed to work out what bet you should make by analysing:

  • the size of your betting bank AND
  • the probability of your chosen result actually happening

Then, with this information, the value calculator will suggest an appropriate stake. By adding probability to the equation, the tool helps make sure that in events where you are more confident of success, this is reflected in your stake, while still protecting you from over exposure. This is a very useful tool indeed.

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident the you will love the Value Calculator and at just £10.00, it is great value itself. However, if you are dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, we will refund your PayPal payment, without quibble or complaint within 28 days of purchase.

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