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How to win with basketball betting and trading

Want to know how to win with basketball betting and trading ideas? Looking to beat the bookies? Then you are in the right place?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the biggest professional basketball league in the world. It will come as no surprise to discover the origins of the sport can be traced back to the United States. Basketball was first introduced in the late 1800’s by physical education teacher, James Naismith as an alternative sport to football, with less injuries being the key selling point.

Basketball betting

Basketball became very popular in colleges around the USA, with established leagues in place before the professional game was created. The sport spread across the world and the NBA was established in 1949, becoming a multi-million dollar sports league by the end of the century and huge part of American culture.

As basketball continued to grow in the USA, games were being televised across the globe and people started watching the sport from around the world. As online gambling developed, fans of the sport took advantage of the opportunity to bet on NBA games. Basketball betting and trading increased in popularity.

Online NBA betting is now a huge market and millions of people enjoy using NBA betting tips and strategies to get the best out of their basketball betting experience.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

The NBA is the biggest basketball tournament in the world and therefore attracts the biggest amount of betting activity. However, you are not restricted to betting solely on the NBA. There other leagues and tournaments which may be of interest when basketball betting.

National Basketball Association

This is the elite basketball competition in the world and therefore, you will find the greatest choice of betting markets are available for the NBA. The NBA is split into two conferences (Eastern and Western), with three divisions of five teams within each conference. Each team plays a total of 82 games during the regular season, offering plenty of betting opportunities.

The NBA Playoffs

Eight teams from each conference will make the NBA playoffs, making sixteen teams in total. The teams are seeded and will play a best of seven game series against another team, based on their seeding. The winners progress to the semi-final series and then onto the Conference finals, with the two remaining teams competing in the NBA Finals, which is also a best of seven series. The NBA playoffs are an exciting time for basketball betting and different to the regular NBA season.

NCAA Basketball

Basketball betting with NCAA

The NCAA is men’s college basketball in the USA but do not be fooled into thinking this is small-time basketball. This is where basketball was born and NCAA basketball is massive in America, presenting plenty of betting opportunities throughout the season. Look out for March Madness, when the 68 teams who have made the field are revealed and the bracket created.

European Basketball

The quality of basketball in the top European Leagues has increased substantially over the past 15 years. The Spanish ACB league is a good example of this and teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona have some excellent players, producing high scoring games. The Polish league and German BBL have adopted the same approach as American basketball and this results in more entertaining games and increased betting options.

The Main Basketball Betting Markets

There are several basketball betting markets to choose from and with online NBA betting being so popular, all the top bookmakers offer basketball markets. Here are the most popular betting markets, for the NBA and the other leagues mentioned above.

Moneyline – Simply choose which team you think will win the game.

Spread – The bookmaker will give one team a points advantage at the start of the game and the other team must win by more than that number of points. It’s similar to a handicap bet in football.

Winning Margin – Which team will win or lose and by how many points.

Result After Period – Choose which team will be winning at the end of a chosen period of the game.

Total Points – Will the total number of points scored in the game be more or less than the total chosen by the bookmaker.

Futures and Outrights – Which team will win their division, conference of championship?

Basketball Betting Strategies

As a beginner, you do not want to start throwing your hard-earned money at basketball betting, without knowing exactly what you are doing.

A great starting point is “Basketball Betting: Must Read to Avoid Loss” by Matthew Tuward.

This guide sets out loads of useful statistics that came from reviews of 700 websites and also provides a template spreadsheet to keep track of your basketball betting.

Click here for full details about how to get this guide to basketball betting.

There are many good NBA tips and strategies which will help you make the best bets possible. While winning is never guaranteed, by implementing the following basketball betting strategies, you will be giving yourself every opportunity to win.

An amazing source of tips and advice for basketball betting and trading is the Z Codes system. This has a fantastic record of success and has been in profit every month since 1999.

This provides professional tips from a community of experts who have demonstrated long standing success and is well worth checking out for anyone looking to win with basketball betting..

Click here for more details about the Z Codes sports predictions and picks.

Use What You Know

Do you have some favourite NBA teams you enjoy watching regularly? If the answer is yes, then these teams are a good place to start when betting on the NBA. You know the strengths and weaknesses of these teams, you know their players and tactical approach to games and you will have a decent understanding of their division. Use this knowledge and begin your online NBA betting adventure by limiting yourself to the teams you know. You may be tempted to bet on every game but initially, this will only result in losses.

Keep a Record of Your Betting

If you are determined to become a profitable NBA bettor, you must keep a record of all the bets you place. This will allow you to review your betting history and is one of the best basketball betting strategies to follow. Make a note of the date, betting market, bookmaker, your stake, the odds and your profit/loss. If anything untoward or very unexpected happens in the game and it has an impact on your bet, make a note of it. By doing this, you can look back and see which betting markets you are making money with and which are losing you money. You can tailor your NBA betting depending on which markets are proving profitable and concentrate on them, leaving the worse performing markets out of your future betting activity. Whenever you start a new sports betting system, we always recommend “paper testing” it for a while before you start using money to get a clear idea if it is going to work.

Home Court Advantage

If two teams are playing which are closely matched, check out the home and away form of both teams. In the NBA, home advantage has been analysed and is worth roughly 2.3 points. This means, if two well-matched teams are playing each other, there will be a 4.6 point swing. Prior to a game, analyse the teams as if they are playing on a neutral court and add the 2.3 points, to decide who should have the edge. Home court advantage mainly comes about because of the influence of the crowd, on both players and the officials.

Analyse the Situation

The NBA season consists of many games and one of the best NBA tips and strategies to employ is situational analysis. There will be times during the NBA season when teams must play games on the road and these can be two games in succession, one night after the next. Check the statistics and see how teams cope in this situation. Do they often lose on the second night? How do teams perform when playing their first game on the road after a long run of home games? Studying and keeping a record of this information will help you to find value throughout the NBA season.

Basketball Trading

Basketball betting markets tend to be quite volatile and odds can change very quickly. For a beginner, this can be a little off-putting but you must stick with it because it will present you with some good opportunities to trade out for a nice profit.

Laying the underdogs at half-time when they are winning, is a popular NBA trading strategy. Check the previous records of the teams and if the underdog is winning, especially by a margin of around 10 points, against a team with a winning record, it’s a good time to lay the underdog, as the favourite should come back into the game in the second half.

The same principle applies to the total points market. Check the half-time total points and see if they are under or over the average of what both teams have been achieving throughout the season. If the total seems low, the teams are likely to produce more points in the second half.


The popularity of online NBA betting has increased around the world over the past ten years. Coverage of the NBA is huge and it’s possible to watch many games online and bet at the same time. The wealth of statistical information available is huge and much of it is free, so you can easily pick out trends and spot where teams strengths and weaknesses lie, before placing a bet.

Utilise the NBA betting tips and strategies above, to give yourself the best chance of making a profit. Set yourself a bankroll, do not bet more than you can afford and open accounts with several bookmakers, to find the best odds for each bet you place. If you are going to be serious about your online NBA betting, evening the smallest different in the odds will add up over time.

Most importantly, have fun when betting on basketball and do not forget to use basketball betting strategies to increase your chances of winning.

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Cricket betting and trading strategies

Looking for cricket betting and trading strategies? Want to beat the bookies with some cricket betting?

Whether it be Pakistan vs India, Kent vs Somerset or Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide Strikers, you will find great betting opportunities on many professional cricket matches around the world. Every form of the game is covered by the bookmakers from Test Matches, One Day games and Twenty20 cricket but how did cricket betting first come to prominence?

A Brief History

You must go back to the 1600’s to find the first signs of cricket betting and it’s thought betting on cricket was the reason behind the Gaming Act 1664, which limited betting the amount one could stake to £100. This may not seem like a large amount of money today but in fact, it’s the equivalent of over £10,000 in today’s money and goes to show just how popular cricket betting was, even back then.

Things have changed drastically since and rather than having to bet on matches at the ground the match is being played, it’s now possible to take part in online cricket betting. This has opened the world of cricket betting to everyone and with so many exciting markets to choose from, millions of punters worldwide are trying to beat the bookies.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

With so many cricket matches taking place across the globe, a day doesn’t go by without a betting opportunity. However, there are several competitions which are worth following when cricket betting because they offer the biggest choice of betting markets. This means, you have the greatest choice of events on which to bet during the match. The cricket events to look out for include:

The list of events above, covers all forms of the game, so whether you are a fan of Test Match Cricket, One Day Internationals, Twenty20 Cricket or County Cricket, there is something there for you. You are guaranteed a great choice of markets on all these events and the individual matches within them.

The Main Cricket Betting Markets

The introduction of online cricket betting has seen a significant increase in the number of cricket betting markets available. This is partly due to live betting being introduced, which allows punters to bet on even the smallest detail, such as the outcome of the first delivery a new batsman will face when arriving at the crease. However, when you are getting started with cricket betting, it is best to use the basic betting markets first.

In our experience, the cricket odds offered by William Hill regularly represent great value and should be considered when looking for the best value available.

Cricket betting onlineMatch Betting

This is the simplest way to bet on cricket. It involves betting on which team you believe will win the match. So, if England are playing South Africa and you think England will win, you will place your bet on England. It is very straight forward but when you are trying to beat the bookies using match betting, be aware that some will only pay out after a specific number of overs have been completed, so keep this in mind.

Outright/Series Winner

This cricket betting market is designed for you to pick the team you believe will win the tournament or series they are contesting. It could be the Ashes Series of Test Matches or the Indian Premier League for example. Obviously, there are only two teams to choose from when selecting the winner of the Ashes Series whereas there are a lot more in the Indian Premier League.

Top Bowler

As the name suggests, this cricket betting market involves choosing the player you think will finish as the top bowler. You can predict which player will finish with the most wickets in a match, tournament or series.

Top Batsman

This is like the top bowler market mentioned above and you must predict which player will finish an innings, match, series or tournament with the most runs. Both this and the top bowler market can offer better odds than match betting and keep the excitement going throughout the match, tournament or series, even if the team you bet on to win is losing. To make money on the top batsman market, keep a close eye on the match as the odds change quickly and there are often cash out opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Live Betting

When watching cricket live inside the stadium or on television, you will see bookmaker offers being flashed in-front of you and many of these involve live betting. With online cricket betting proving so popular, bookmakers were forced to introduce new and innovative ways to bet on cricket and live betting allowed them to do this. There are several betting markets to choose from, with the most popular being the following:

Method of Dismissal

This market is deigned to predict the way the next wicket will fall in a match. Will the batsman be bowled out, caught out, given LBW, stumped or run-out?

Runs from Next Delivery

Thanks to online cricket betting, it is now possible to place a bet on every delivery during a match. This is strongly discouraged as it will lead to big losses if continually used but can be fun for the occasional bet. All you must do is predict the number of runs which will be scored from the next delivery. This is not a market that we recommend, because it is purely guesswork. No one can have any inkling how many runs will be scored from the next delivery. This market caused a lot of controversy in the cricket match fixing scandal, which led many to believe that cricket betting was a scam. This is not the case and happily, match fixing is extremely difficult. Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy is a wonderful description of the world of match fixing and the illegal bookmaking industry.

Total Batsman Runs

When a new batsman comes to the crease, you can bet on whether they will score above or below a given number or runs during their innings. This bet must be placed before they face their first delivery and cannot be changed after it. Always look for a batsman who is on good form and a bowling attack that is below par when making this bet.

Handicap Betting

This is useful when two teams come together and one has a distinct advantage over the other. For example, if India were playing Zimbabwe at home, the Indians would be considered as strong favourites but it’s not as easy to implement handicap betting on a cricket match, as it is other sports. Therefore, handicap betting in cricket is usually reserved for the second innings of a restricted overs match, when a team is attempting to overcome a specific number of runs.

Cricket Trading Strategies

With a sound knowledge of the cricket betting markets available online, you can start looking at potential cricket trading strategies, which will help you when placing your bets.

Bookmaker Offers

The first thing to consider are bookmaker offers. This is not a strategy as such but if you want to beat the bookies, search for any bookmaker offers relating to cricket. The best time to do this is when big tournaments are being played or when you first sign up at bookmaker’s website. Many online bookmakers will offer you a free bet when signing up to their website and you can use this for your cricket betting.


If there is one thing cricket is famous for, it’s statistics. Even when playing at village level, every ball bowled is recorded in the book. There is a wealth of cricket information available for free online and you should use it before placing bets. For example, if you are considering betting on the top batsman market during a One Day International, check which players are in form with the bat. Furthermore, check if there are any batsman who enjoy playing at the ground the match is being played. If someone has a great record when playing at a specific ground, they could be worth backing, even if they have been out of form. Its opportunities like this, which present the best odds and potentially, the greatest winnings.

Pitch Conditions

The way a cricket pitch is prepared can have a significant impact on what happens during the match. Listen to the pitch report, which will always be given before a live televised match, as this will give some insight as to how the pitch is going to play. Does this pitch usually favour batsmen, fast bowlers or spin bowlers? Has the wicket been prepared to suit the strengths of the home team? All this information is available and will give you the edge when attempting to beak the bookies.

Bet After the First Innings

When betting on 40 and 50 over matches, it can be difficult to predict what a good run total is until at least half-way through the first innings of the match. Concentrate on the innings runs market during this period of play and analyse the way the wicket is playing. Having done that, you can form a strong idea on what is going to happen in the second innings and place your bet accordingly.

Twenty20 Specific

When attempting to beat the bookies using cricket trading strategies, one of the best forms of the game to do this, is Twenty20 cricket. Due to the nature of this form of cricket, teams try and hit as many boundaries as possible, all the way through their innings. This does not happen in any other form of cricket and can result in high batting totals or low batting totals, which can be backed at very good odds before a match starts. Study past results at the grounds at which the match is being played and bet high or low depending on this information and current form of the teams and players.

Lay both sides in a Twenty20 Match

You need to be signed up for with Betfair or Betdaq to use the Lay both sides strategy. Before the match starts, look for 2 teams who are considered to be reasonably equal. Lay them both for around 1.75. You might not get matched straight away, but in most Twenty20 matches, each team have their good moments where their odds fall dramatically, even if it is just temporary. This is especially true after a wicket or a few boundaries. Once both teams have matched, your card will “green up” and you are guaranteed to beat the bookies who ever wins.

Assume there is a match between England and South Africa and you lay £100 at 1.75 on each team. Once matched, you have a liability of £75 to pay out when 1 team wins , but you will receive £100 when the other team loses. Therefore you are certain of being £25 to the good.

27 reasons why you lose at Cricket Betting

Matthew Howard has written an excellent ebook about common problems that people have with cricket betting, called Why You Lose. It is designed for people who want to make money from cricket betting and avoid the traps and it thoroughly recommended.



Cricket trading strategies are easy to implement, if you are prepared to spend time using the information available to you on the internet. Online cricket betting is great fun and can make you a nice little profit, if done sensibly and using the markets and strategies discussed above. Remember to always set yourself a limit before you start cricket betting and stick to it. This will ensure you have a long and successful cricket betting experience.C

Golf Betting and Trading Strategies for success

Looking for tips and advice on Golf betting and trading? Read on for the background on golf betting and some great strategies.

Is there any better sound in sport than a driver coming into contact perfectly with a golf ball, sending it down the middle of the fairway?

Golf is a majestic sport and a game very much like it, can be traced back to the Netherlands in 1297, making it one of the oldest sports on the planet. However, the sport of golf we see today, has its roots in Scotland and was first referenced in Scottish history in 1457, as being a distraction from archery practice for military personnel.

It’s unclear when betting on golf started, but with the spread of golf around the world, it soon became very popular and tournaments were being contested amongst the best players.


Modern golf is a multimillion pound industry and the best professional players earn huge money by winning tournaments on the PGA and European Tour. Golf betting has also grown and it’s now possible to bet on any professional golf event taking place thanks to online betting. The choice of markets available on which to bet continue to expand and new and innovative ways to bet on golf are being introduced regularly, which keeps things very exciting for those who love to bet on the sport. It’s possible to bet on anything, from who will win the Open Championship to which player will get a hole in one.

With golf being played for 12 months a year, you can guarantee to find something on which to bet and there are some great events on which to stake your money.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

The most popular golf events on which to bet are no doubt the four major tournaments. These take place between April and August every calendar year, with three being staged in America and one in the United Kingdom.

golf betting at the mastersThe Masters

This is the first major golf tournament of the year and is played in April, at the Augusta National, Georgia. The Masters is considered by many to be the most prestigious golf event of the year and is the only one to be played at the same course annually. Therefore, you can find plenty of relevant statistical information about this event, which relates to both the tournament and the course and this makes it a great tournament on which to bet.

golf betting at the us open 2017US Open

The second major of the year, the US Open, is perhaps the most difficult tournament for the players, as the course is often set-up to be very difficult. The rough is often thick and difficult to escape from, which makes accuracy off the tee an important factor to consider. Look at the players who have good driving accuracy before placing a bet on this event.

Golf Betting at the British OpenOpen Championship

The third major of the year, the Open, is the oldest of all four and the only to be staged outside of the USA. Although the tournament is rotated around several venues, it is always played on a links course, near the coast and this presents its own challenges. The weather conditions can be very testing so take this into account when betting, as players who do well in the wind may have an advantage.

Golf betting at the US PGAUSPGA Championship

The final major of the year sees the world’s top players return to the USA and this event often sees players win with low scores compared to many other tournaments. A look at the statistics for winners between 2012 and 2016, shows a score of 10 under or lower being required to win the tournament. Indeed, in 2015 Jason Day finished 20 under par.

Outside of the four majors, there are PGA and European Tour events taking place almost every week and these are also great for betting.

The Main Golf Betting Markets

Tournaments such as the four mentioned above, will have the greatest choice of betting markets available. You can also add the Ryder Cup to that list, which is a team tournament contested between the United States and Europe. There are many markets to choose from when betting on golf but as a beginner, it is best to start with the following:

  • Tournament Winner – Which player you do believe will win the tournament?
  • Each Way Betting – Do you think a player has a good chance of winning but may just fall short? This will pay out even if the player you have backed comes second or third*
  • Top 10 Finish – This involves backing a player to finish in the top 10 come the end of the tournament.
  • First Round Leader – Who will go into the clubhouse as the leader after the first round is complete?
  • Top Nationality – What will be the nationality of the winner or which country will have the most players in the top 10?
  • Hole in One – Will there be a hole in one during the tournament?

*If betting each way, make sure you know the rules of the bookmaker you are using, as not all bookmakers will pay out for the same number of places. For example, some will pay out if your player finishes fourth whereas others will only pay out to third place, so always check this before placing your bet.

Golf Betting Expert

If you are looking for a strong and reliable Golf betting system, then look no further than the amazing tips offered by the Golf Betting Expert.

By sending an email each week, the Golf Betting expert provides advice and tips with his selection of winners on all of the major golf tournaments. They are easy to follow and have winners all the way up to 125/1 on occasions. If you are after golf betting tips, then you simply can do no better than join the golf betting expert service.

golf betting expert with bet majestic

Tips to Help Betting on Golf

There are a few things you can do, which will help you when betting on golf. They are very straightforward and will give you the edge when deciding on which players to bet in the next tournament.

Player Form

Following the form of players will give you the best chance of picking the winner of the next tournament. Which players have been finishing inside the top 10 in recent tournaments? If the player you are considering to back to win the tournament has failed to finish inside the top 20 of the previous five events, this is a good indicator you should be looking to stake your money elsewhere.

Course Form

Some players enjoy playing at specific venues more than others. Most golf courses on the PGA and European Tour have been used many times before. Check the history of which players have performed well on each course, as this can give you great insight as to who will be feeling confident going into the tournament. Different players also prefer different styles of golf course, so always keep this in mind when betting on golf.

Inexperienced Players

It’s best to stay away from inexperienced players when betting on golf. Winning a first tournament on the PGA Tour is a massive moment in the career of every golfer and the pressure is huge. Winning a PGA Tour event guarantees a place on the tour and allows players to relax, whereas for those who haven’t, the pressure is different and therefore their odds are high. You will be tempted to back inexperienced players based on their odds but when you find yourself about to place the bet always remember, their odds are that high for a reason and backing them will only see you lose money in the long term.

Golf Trading Strategies

For beginners, golf trading can seem quite daunting but having seen an example, you will soon realise how easy and enjoyable it can be. Golf trading involves using both a bookmaker, such as William Hill, or betting exchange, such as Betfair, backing a golfer at a certain price and laying him (betting against him) later in the tournament, at a different price. The outcome being either a profit or a free bet.

Golf Trading Example

Adam Scott is playing at a golf course on which he has enjoyed success in the past and is set to go out early in the first round. He is on offer at 24.0 and if he starts well, this is only going to drop so we place a £50 bet on him to win the tournament, with a potential £1200 profit if he wins.

He makes a great start and his odds shorten to 4.0 at the end of the round. We can now lay against him using the same stake of £50, which leaves us with a liability of £200 if he wins. This £200 will come out of the £1,200 if he does win, leaving us with £1,000 total profit.

Green Screen

From here, we are presented with another option, known as Green Screen, which will allow us to win an equal amount of money, regardless of who wins the tournament. To do this, we need to divide up the £1,000 potential profit by the odds of 4.0, which is £200. You can lay Adam Scott for £200 and whatever the outcome of the tournament, you are guaranteed to win £200.


Golf trading strategies may seem a little overwhelming to begin with so perhaps the best thing to do, is to become familiar with the game first. Making use of an experienced tipster is also a very good idea. Place several dummy bets before one of the big tournaments, such as the Masters and follow each of them through, exactly like the example above and keep a record of what you did and the outcome. Having completed this a few times, you will have the confidence to do it for real. Don’t forget to use the tips above when selecting your bets, as these will give you the best chance of finding good value and making the most profit from your golf betting and trading.

What about betting on your own golf game? This is a guide from Ralph Monti about different bets that you can do with your friends on the golf course. Which are good for your game? Which will leave you in the poorhouse?

Click here for prices



Ultimate Guide to Betting on Horses

This guide to betting on horses is just what you are looking for if you want the background to horse race betting with some great tips and strategies too.

For many, horse racing is the epitome of betting and vice versa. If you have ever been to a race course in the past, you are sure to have seen the tic-tac man, brightly dressed using hand signals to communicate the odds of various horses to potential punters. A day out at the races is simply not complete without placing a bet on the horses.

As many people inside the race course have no emotional attachment to the horses, unlike football fans for example, the excitement of the races comes from betting money on the potential winner.

A Brief History of Betting on Horses

We can trace the history of horse racing as we see it back to the 17th century. Horse racing itself goes back much further to Roman times and the 12th century. Horse racing also has strong links to royalty and this helped to promote the sport and led to development of breeding horses specifically for racing purposes.

In the 19th century, transport links, technology and the spread of information meant horse racing was being enjoyed by millions of people and newspapers started to cover the races in much greater detail. This lead to an increase in betting on horses and professional, on-course bookmakers soon began to appear.

In the early 1960’s, betting away from the race course became legalised and betting shops started to open. Some 30 years later and with increased television coverage and the arrival of the internet, online betting became the most popular way to gamble on horse racing and it continues to thrive today. Betting tips and online betting guides have become the go to sources of information for those looking to bet on horse racing.

Guide to betting on horses with bet majestic

National Hunt Racing and Flat Racing

Before betting on horses, it’s important you can distinguish between National Hunt racing and Flat racing. National Hunt racing involves jumps and horses must clear these jumps to win the race. Flat racing sees horses race across flat ground, with no obstacles.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

There are a huge number of horse races taking place throughout the year, both in the UK and the rest of the world. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to bet on hundreds of races in the UK, with many taking place daily. This makes betting on horses very easy to arrange. It’s also possible to place bets on horse races taking place elsewhere in Europe and further afield, such as Dubai and the USA. However, there are several events which remain the most popular for horse racing and they include the following:

Cheltenham Festival

This is the biggest racing festival in the UK and it takes place every year, usually in March. There are plenty of races held over the course of the week and you will find some great value bets available, in addition to bonus offers from bookmakers. There will be many betting tips and online betting guides published for this event, giving you great insight into the horses and their chances of winning.

Betting on horses at Royal AscotRoyal Ascot

Another fantastic festival of horse racing, Royal Ascot takes place in June each year, with races taking place across five days. Again, you can expect to see some excellent offers coming through from bookmakers during this event.

Glorious Goodwood

Staged annually in late July or early August, Glorious Goodwood is considered the sporting and social highlight of the flat racing season. This is another fantastic week of horse racing, offering the chance for punters to bet on races across five days of thrilling action.

Betting onHorses at the Grand NationalGrand National

The Grand National is the one race which captures the imagination of those who would not usually place a bet on horse racing. It has become a tradition in the UK for people to place a bet on this race, which is held at Aintree. There is much excitement leading up to the race and again, you will find a great selection of betting guides and tips available online to help you decide where to bet your money. Betting on horses at the Grand National is now a national obsession.

Epsom Derby

Commonly known as simply ‘The Derby’ this is the UK’s richest horse race and considered to be the most prestigious. The race is a great event in the sporting calendar and enjoyed live on television by people all around the world. It’s difficult not to get caught up in the excitement and place a bet on this race.

The Best Tipsters for Betting on Horses

There is so much to take into consideration when betting on horses that many successful online punters take advantage of the tipping service when placing their bets. This gives you an expert’s suggestions for the outcome of a race and the best odds to aim for to ensure value. The tipsters will use statistics that are available to you, but they also have the benefit of years of experience and knowledge of which horses perform best at particular courses, which trainers are on form and how the going makes a difference at a race track.

Master Racing Tipster

betting on horses with the master racing tipsterOur first tipster is the Master Racing Tipster. He has a 28% success rate, with a return on investment of 30%.

40 – 50 top quality tips are provided each month and he has been consistent and profitable betting on horses ever since April 2014.

Honest Betting Reviews have awarded the Master Racing Tipster 5 stars and commented,

“Overall, we are pleased to say that after 6 months, Master Racing Tipster continues to merit a 5 star rating and it’s place as our number 1 tipster.”

Value Racing Tips

betting on horses with value betting tips and bet majesticOur second tipster for betting on horses in Value Racing Tips. They have produced a 22% success rate since November 2013 and such a long and profitable performance is excellent.

They generally provide 65 – 80 tips each month and have received some great reviews. He sends his tips the evening before the race and advises on the appropriate stake to be placed. There in no complicated staking plan and the system is simple to follow.

Ernest Anthony from Gee Geez, made the following comment about Value Racing Tips,

“A truly worthwhile service – probably the best I have ever reviewed and have no hesitation in strongly recommending it and award it 5/5.”

Racing Expert

betting on horses with racing expertOur third recommended tipster is Racing Expert. They have an amazing return on investment of over 70% per month. Try getting that on the stock market! They take care to only back at value odds to ensure that the returns are good and this increases the chances of beating the bookies.

Racing Expert have a flexible system that they use to identify winners and then email these tips to you each day. It is simple and almost effortless for the punter once you have an online betting account.

A satisfied customer, Albert Chamberlain left the following feedback,

“I’ve been on the trial for a month now and managed to get my betting balance from £100 to £1865 betting £50 a bet. I know not every day is a winner, but I always cash out my betting balance at the end of the month and I have never had a month like this before. It will pay for holiday for my wife and I which I could never have afforded on my small pension.”

How Does Betting on Horses Work?

When answering this question, the first thing we need to do is look at the choice of betting markets which are available, which are the most popular and how the odds work.

Odds will always have a margin which makes them favour the bookmaker. You will find the total of the prices on a race total over 100% and in basic terms, this means if the bookmaker receives a bet on every horse in the race, they are guaranteed a profit. Also, with online betting becoming so popular, the odds for some horses can be under-priced and you must try and give these a miss. [READ MORE ABOUT VALUE BETTING HERE]

In terms of betting markets, the following are generally available on all races and will certainly be on offer for the events and races highlighted above.

Win Single

This is the most common wager and involves backing a horse to win the race.


This bet allows you to bet on a horse to win and place. Therefore, if you place a £5 bet on a horse each-way, the bet will actually cost you £10, which is £5 to finish first and £5 to place. Check with the bookmaker to see what places they will pay-out on as this can differ depending on the type of race and number of horses involved.


This bet consists of 7 different wagers, which are 3 singles, 3 doubles and a treble. This can be great if you can find three races where the each-way terms offer good value.


Consisting of 4 bets, which are 3 doubles and a treble, many punters use this with horses who are fancied to run well but have short odds.


This is a bet which is very much in the bookmaker’s favour yet remains popular. A Yankee features 11 bets across 4 selections, with 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-timer.

As you can see, when learning how horse betting works, there are a some factors to consider. The type of horse racing event, whether it be National Hunt or Flat, where the event is taking place and the type of bet you would like to place.

Tips to Help Betting on Horse Racing

You can use an online betting guide or betting tips to pick your selections when betting on horses but it’s wise to complete your own research. The following tips will help you when betting on horse racing:

  1. Read the race day program
  2. Find out what class the horse has been racing at recently
  3. Look at the past performance of the horse on similar surfaces
  4. Form of the jockey
  5. Do the odds represent good value?
  6. Is the weather changing?
  7. How is the horse behaving in the paddock? Is raring to go or does it look lethargic?

Horse Racing Trading and Betting Systems

With a solid understanding of how horse betting works, it’s time to look at trading and betting systems.

In truth, horse racing betting systems do not have a great history of success. Horses are animals after all and on the day, anything can happen. It is better to use the information on the internet to form your own opinion and although a methodical system can be a good approach, you should not rely on it for long term profit. Using the tipsters mentioned above is a fairly safe betting system, because they have great access to the statistics, but also specific knowledge from the yards and jockeys, which can be harder to come by.

Dutching in Horse Betting

There are many betting systems available for horse racing but one of the most popular is Dutching. This involves betting on more than one horse to win in a single race and thus guaranteeing a profit, as long as one of your selections wins. This is the best system to use when you have identified several strong runners in a race, but can’t quite choose which you think will win. Obviously, it is not as simple as that, otherwise everyone would be doing it to make money and herein lies the problem. Firstly, you must find a race where the odds for the horses taking part allow you to bet on them and make a profit. You cannot simply place a £5 bet on four horses, expecting to make a profit at the end of the race. You must take the odds for the horses and work out a stake for each of them, which will not necessarily be the same, to decide if Dutching will work for that race. It requires patience but you can use an online Dutching calculator, which will help you with the maths.

This is just one example of a popular horse racing betting systems and there are many others out there which you can try.

Lay the Field Horse Betting System

Another popular strategy for betting on horses in known as the “Lay the Field” system. You need to have an account with one of the betting exchanges and then, when you have located a suitable race, simply lay everybody.

There are many different variations to the lay the field plan, but the simplest is to lay every horse at slightly less than 2.0. This keeps the liabilities more manageable and, as long as you pick the right races, allows  for a reasonable success rate.

The easiest way to look at this strategy is with an example.

Choose a race with between 6-14 horses. On Betfair, lay every horse at 1.75 for £10.00. This means that the liability you have on the horse is £7.50. In other words, if the horse ends up winning (which one of them will), you will pay out £7.50 on that horse.

Make sure that you set the bets to “keep in play” so that they remain in place after the horse race starts. This is very important. You should set up your bets in good time before the race to avoid any last minute problems.

The chances are that none of your lay bets will be matched pre race, so stay calm and wait for the race to start. Once the bets are placed and set to keep, there is nothing else for you to do.

As the race begins, you will see that all of the odds are fluctuating. Moving up and down as the horse performs.

As the race goes on, Dobbin pulls into the lead. His odds have come down and the lay bet you placed at 1.75 gets matched. In other words, another online punter is prepared to back the horse at 1.75.

The current position is that if Dobbin wins, we lose £7.50, but if any other horse wins, we win £10.00

Then, as so often happens, the leader starts to slow.He has tired and Donkey picks up the pace. Donkey’s odds drop and your 1.75 lay on him gets matched too. Now, if Dobbin or Donkey win, we get £2.50. If any other horse wins, we get £20.00.

We have greened up by simply matching 2 lay bets. Happy Days.

But it can get even better at times. In a really close race, a 3rd horse may come into the reckoning. This time, Horses Head made a good late showing and was also backed by some one at 1.75. Our lay bet was matched.

Now, if Horses Head, Donkey or Dobbin win, we collect £12.50. If (unlikely) any other horse wins without our 1.75 being matched, we will win £30.00.

The only problem with this system occurs when one horse takes the lead and then goes on to dominate the race, with no one else going close. Suppose that Dobbin took the lead and then accelerated on without tiring. He would be the only lay bet matched and you would lose £7.50 on the race.

The benefit of the system is that you always know your maximum liability, because you can only lose one bet. Potentially, you can win many.

To reduce the risk of this, choose races where there are at least 6 runners and there is no very clear favourite. Best to have at least 2 or 3 horses close together in the pre match odds. This indicates that the race should be close and not dominated by 1 horse. Generally, this system works best on flat races too.

Value Seeker

It is always really important to seek value in your bets. Value Seeker: The Betting System, by Anthony Gibson is an excellent book with a clear description of how to do this.

He uses the Racing Post to seek out the best value on horse betting each day and by using the same system, you will be able to make some profitable selections within about 10 minutes per day. Anthony’s system brought him £138,000 in 18 months by using stakes of £100. This is an amazing return on investment and is worthy of further investigation.

Click here for the price details.


Betting on horse racing is something which is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. With so many races to choose from, often up to 30 daily, you will always find betting opportunities. It’s a good idea to use an online betting guide and betting tips before placing your wager but also take time to conduct your own research. With an understanding of the odds and the popular horse racing betting markets, you can employ a betting strategy, such as Dutching, lay the field, or come up with your own method using the tips above. Most importantly however, stick to betting what you can afford and have fun.


How to win with successful Football Betting Systems

Successful football betting systems can be the key to finding a long term, sustainable way to beat the bookie regularly.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, with millions of people watching the biggest games around the globe on television. Furthermore, thanks to live streaming on the internet, such as those offered by online bookmakers, it’s possible to watch matches from various leagues, wherever you live. So, if you want to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid in La Liga or Bangkok United vs Buriram United in the Thailand league, you can. In fact, thanks to the live streaming services of online bookmakers, new and exciting ways to bet have been introduced and we will be covering those later.

A Brief History

Betting on football is a massive industry and whether you are watching a match live at the stadium or on television, you will see advertisements from betting companies. We can trace the history of football betting back to 1923 and this was when the football pools were first introduced.

Since then, betting and football have grown together into the multi-million-pound industry we see today. Football betting systems have developed as betting shops were built and people could walk in and place bets on the outcome of football matches. This developed further and punters could even bet on specific events within games.

The most significant change came when online betting was introduced and it became possible to bet on almost every professional football match taking place in the world, whatever your location. This led to an increase in online football tipping websites and the emergence of football betting strategies and football betting systems.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

The most popular online bookmakers have a huge choice of football matches on which to bet, at all times of the day. If your domestic league is not in action, someone else’s will be and you can go online and bet on the matches. However, some football leagues and tournaments offer a greater choice of markets and these include:

English Premier League

Football Betting Systems in the English Premier LeagueOften referred to as the most competitive league in the world, the Premier League in England boasts some of the most successful and famous teams. Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham to name but a few. There were many examples of punters beating the bookies with the unexpected success of Leicester City in 2016.

English Championship

The Championship is considered to be one of the most difficult leagues to get out of anywhere. The huge amounts of money that can be made by teams in the Premier League may make the league below seem like small fry, but this is not true. Huge teams like Leeds United, Aston Villa, Newcastle United and West Ham have all played in the Championship in recent years. It is a very exciting league to watch. It is so competitive that teams at the top often lose to teams at the bottom and this leads to some excellent trading opportunities. It is often said that the play off match at the end of the season is the most valuable match in the world.

Spanish La Liga

Football betting systems in the spanish la liraReal Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid all grace the Spanish La Liga, surely making it the most glamorous league in the world? Most of the greatest superstars in world football have played in La Liga at some stage, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Diego Maradona, Zinedane Zidane and Johan Cruyff.

Italian Serie A

Serie A also boasts some great teams, including Juventus, Roma, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Happily, the league has cleaned itself up and moved on from the football betting system scandals of the 2000s.

German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga has a proud history and tradition of great teams, including obviously Bayern Munich as well as Dortmund, Hamburg and FC Koln. The longstanding success of the German National team has been founded on the success of the Bundesliga over at least 50 years.

French Ligue 1

Not as big as some of the other European Leagues, Ligue 1 has seen an influx of money over recent years and Paris St Germain are considered as one of the richest teams in the world. The league also includes successful teams like Monaco, Lyon and Bordeaux and has provided many great betting opportunities over recent years.

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is the ultimate club competition, certainly for European teams. Clubs are desperate to qualify for it through their own domestic leagues as winning it is a path to glory for any player. The competition is in a league format during the Autumn, with 16 teams qualifying for the knock out phase beginning after the New Year. The knock out matches before the final are played on a 2 leg, home and away basis. The final is a one off match played in a neutral venue. Huge amounts of money are bet on Champions League matches, meaning that there is always high liquidity with great football betting and trading opportunities.

FIFA World Cup

football betting systems in the world cupThis is the ultimate prize for any footballer. All of the worlds nations compete to qualify for the World Cup. It is held every 4 years and is the pinnacle of the football cycle. The betting opportunities in the World Cup are almost endless and present online punters with lots of chances to beat the bookies if the right football betting systems are employed. The original World Cup Trophy is the Jules Rimet trophy. It is held permanently by Brazil after their third triumph in 1970. The rules have now been changed, so that the winning team has to hand the trophy back to FIFA after their reign comes to an end.

You are not limited to these leagues and tournaments and there are hundreds to choose from but if you want the best coverage in terms of betting markets and information, you cannot go wrong with them.

Football Tipsters

Using the services of experienced football tipsters, with a good track record of success is probably the simplest way of beating the bookies. By using a reputable tipsters service with strong football betting systems, you reduce the chance of making rookie errors yourself. The tips cannot always win, but they will provide value and increase your chances of a result.

We recommend the following tipster services:

Pro Footy Tips – A success rate of 29% is good in this field and they have produced a return on investment on 27% since March 2016. This is very healthy indeed. Click here for more information and detail about the service

The Football Formula – An amazing 72% strike rate since May 2016 just about says it all for this tipster. Click here for more details.

The Football Guru – A tipster with extensive football betting knowledge provides a strike rate of 43% success which is remarkable and worth investigating further. Click here for more details.

The Main Football Betting Markets

As mentioned above, the matches from the most popular leagues and tournaments will often have a wide choice of markets to choose from, well over 100 in some cases. However, some markets remain the most popular and if you are just starting on your football betting adventure, these are a good place to begin. Most football betting systems will revolve around these markets.

Match Betting

A very simple one to start, match betting involves placing a bet on the outcome of the match. You can bet on the home team, the away team or the draw, so there are three outcomes to choose from for every match.

Both Teams to Score

Again, this is very straightforward and all you must decide is if you believe both teams will score at least one goal in the match. The choices are yes or no.

Result and Both Teams to Score

This is an extension of the betting markets above. You must first select who you think will win the match or whether it will be a draw. You must then decide if both teams will score. For example, you could bet Liverpool to win and yes for both teams to score.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

How many goals do you think will be scored in total come the end of the match? If you think there will be 3 or more, you can bet on over 2.5 goals or if you think it will be a low scoring game, you can bet under 2.5 goals. There are additional values included on this market, such as 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5 goals.

First Goalscorer

Using this football betting market, you can bet on the player you think will score the first goal of the match. This is one of the markets that really is more of a gamble and free football betting systems make use of the first goalscorer opportunity.

Anytime Goalscorer

If you think it is too risky to bet on a player to score the first goal, you bet on a player to score any time during the match using this market.

Another popular form of football betting is handicap betting. This is when the bookmaker will give the team who are favourites to win a match a handicap to overcome. This makes games more interesting from a betting point of view, when there is one team who are significantly stronger than the other.

Football Trading

As mentioned above, live in-play betting has become very popular and it is possible to follow matches lives on bookmaker’s websites from all over the world. Using this, it is possible to lock in a profit or manage a loss and the best football trading strategies will help you when doing both.

For example, if you have backed Liverpool to win their match and they are 1-0 up with 5 minutes left to play, you have an agonising wait, to see if they can hang on. However, when trading you have the option to accept a smaller profit and close the bet, so regardless of how the match ends, you will win money.

Lay the Draw

The Lay the Draw trading strategy involves a LAY BET on the draw for a football match before the match begins and then a BACK BET on the draw at higher odds to achieve a guaranteed profit, no matter the outcome of the event.

You will need an account at one of the online trading firms like Betfair or Betdaq for this, one of the most popular football betting systems.

Look for matches where the probability of a draw between the teams is lower than average and there is a reasonable probability that at least one goal will be scored.

As an example, take the match between Sunderland (the slight home favourites) against Aston Villa in 2016.

The LAY BET was placed at 3.15 for the draw before the match started.

Back   Lay
2.35 Sunderland 2.40
3.10 Draw 3.15
3.35 Aston Villa 3.40

We placed a lay bet of £100 on the draw at 3.15 before the match began. The match kicked off and after about 15 minutes of play, Aston Villa had scored and the draw result was immediately on the rise which was the backed up by a second goal after about 20 minutes!

The draw odds had completely changed and Aston Villa were now the favourites and the probabilities (based on betting markets) were that the match would not end in a draw.

Back   Lay
3.50 Sunderland 3.60
5.30 Draw 5.40
1.30 Aston Villa 1.40

The draw odds moved high enough that we were able to take a BACK BET and cash out of the LAY BET which meant that we had guaranteed a profit of nearly £40 on this football match and it wasn’t even half time! The final score on this match was 0:4 to Aston Villa but after the first two goals went in, we didn’t need to worry about the final score. We had already “greened up”.

Using a betting exchange, such as Betfair, opens a range of football trading opportunities and as we have shown above, one of the most popular is lay the draw. To use this football trading strategy, you basically need to lay the draw on a betting exchange and wait for the match favourites to score a goal. Once they score, the betting companies will assume they will go on to win the match and raise the price of the draw. You can then trade out and make a profit.

Another Example:

Liverpool are playing Manchester City and this is a game which could have a lot of goals. The odds for the match to end level are 3.95 and we lay £10 on this at the betting exchange, giving us a liability of £29.50, if the match does not end in a draw. The match starts and Liverpool score a goal after 5 minutes. Immediately, the odds for the draw have moved out to 5.9 and at this stage we can cash out and lock in a profit of £3.28. The key is to use matches involving high scoring teams but if a match reached 0-0 after 70 minutes and there has not been much in the way of attacking, it is a good idea to cash out your bet and take a loss. Occasionally this will happen but if you stick to using the right matches, you will make money in the long term using lay the draw.

Football Betting Systems

To have any real chance of beating the bookies in the long term, you need to have a solid football betting system in place. Many football betting systems are simply a case of analysing the information available regarding the two teams and using it to your advantage.

You will need to do a search on Google for the relevant statistics for the particular league you are betting on, but sites like Soccer Stats, Who Scored, and Soccerway are very useful and accurate.

Over 0.5 and Over 1.5 Goals

It’s very easy to find the past results of two football teams and see how many goals they have been scoring and conceding. Look back at the previous ten matches. If Both teams have conceded at least 1 goal in each of these games, you can get on the over 0.5 market. If one team has been scoring a lot of goals in their last five matches, averaging at 2 per game, get on the over 1.5 goals market. In most cases, you will win small profits but in the long term, these add up and that’s the basis of a good football betting system. The low return and low odds available may be off putting to some online punters.

Value Football Betting System

A value football betting system will take more time to use but can result in a good profit. You can use this when match betting, which is betting on a home win, away win or draw. When using a value football betting system, you want to find good value in the odds the bookmaker is offering. To do this, you will need to use statistics but don’t worry, these are freely available online as mentioned above.

For example, Stoke are playing Arsenal at home in the Premier League and the bookies have Stoke at 5.0, the draw at 4.0 and Arsenal at 1.66.

Based on these odds, the bookies believe Stoke have a 20% chance of winning, there is a 25% of a draw and Arsenal have a 60% chance of winning. You can work this out by doing the sum of the odds, adding 1 and multiplying by 100. Do not worry when the percentages does not add up to 100, this is how the bookies make money.

With the percentages worked out, you can go to any free football statistics website where they offer detailed comparisons between football teams and see what percentage chance they give both teams in the match. A good website for this is Statarea.

Let’s say they give Stoke a 40% chance of winning the match, you can see the odds should be shorter than the bookies are offering and therefore, they are undervaluing Stoke’s chances of winning the match. This is known as a value bet and although a value football betting system such as this can take a little time, the high profit wins make it worthwhile. As many of the wins using this football betting system are high, you must be prepared to make more losses than you would when using a system such as the over 0.5 and over 1.5 system discussed above.

Find out more about value betting systems on [our page here]

There are specialist’s who are able to help you locate great value bets too. We have seen great success and feedback from the team at Goal Profits and recommend their statistics based systems.

Set & Forget: The Over 2.5 Goal Market Betting Strategy

This strategy requires you to look for the big, liquid markets where goals are scored regularly. The Premier Leagues of Austria, Holland, Brazil, Japan, Slovakia, Greece, Chile and Mexico are known for their big scoring matches and lack of clean sheets. Search these carefully and find teams that score regularly.

Always remember rule number 1: the difference between the top teams and also-rans in the Premier Leagues of England, Germany, Italy & Spain is the capability of the tops teams to maintain goal difference – possession and defence wins matches and leads to titles!

That said, the Italian teams averaged 3.2 goals per match, the German’s 2.75  goals per match, the Spanish 2.65 goals per match & the English (and Welsh) 2.56 goals per match – opportunities abound!

Part one – Start with the Over/Under 1.5 Goal Market

Look for matches where the Over 1.5 (+1.5) Goal Market is paying somewhere between 1.20 and 1.65. Remove those matches that are outside this range.

Once you have shortlisted your starting candidates, look at the past 3 games for the favourite team. If the favourite scored more than 1 goal per games in the past 3 games (a total of 3 goals or more), this match gets shortlisted.

If the favourite did not score a total of 3goals; remove this match from the shortlist.

Part two – Review the Over/Under 2.5 Goal Market

Look for matches where the Over 2.5 (+2.5) Goal Market is paying above 1.50. If the match is paying less than 1.50, remove it from your shortlist.

If the Over 2.5 (+2.5) Market is paying 1.50 plus – place your bet! If not move on.

Trading: The Under 2.5 Goal Market Betting Strateg

This is a good trading system that involves trading the Over/Under 2.5 Goal Markets on matches where there is a low probability of goals being scored.

Firstly, review the summary page of the Betfair betting exchange in the Over/Under 2.5 Goal Markets and look for matches where the Under 2.5 Goals selection is around 1.90. At 1.90 the odds suggest a close match with a 53% probability that 2-goals or less will be scored.

Pre Match    
Back   Lay
1.90 Under 2.5 Goals 1.92
2.32 Over 2.5 Goals 2.36

Prior to the start of the match place a LAY BET on the OVER 2.5 (+2.5) Goals. The aim is to trade out of the lay bet after approximately 5 minutes as once the match commences, the prices in the OVER 2.5 (+2.5) Goals market will start drifting higher providing no goals are scored.

After approximately 5 minutes of the match, the price should drift to at least 2.44. Placing our LAY BET of £100 at odds of 2.36 pre-match (£100 x 2.36) leads to £136 liability and after approximately 5-minutes the price will drift to around 2.44 so we now want to place a BACK BET to trade out and lock in a guaranteed profit!

Back   Lay
1.78 Under 2.5 Goals 1.80
2.44 Over 2.5 Goals 2.46

Placing our BACK BET of £100 at odds of 2.44 in-play ($100 x 2.44) leads to £144 profit which cancels out our LAY LIABILITY (£136) and leads to a guaranteed profit of £8.00 which may not seem like much, but if you constantly repeat this method throughout a game you can make some serious money online. If you could find any financial system which makes an 8% profit in 5 minutes, you would be very successful. No one trading on the FTSE or Wall Street is able to make this sort of return regularly!

Obviously, there is a serious risk here. A goal in the first 5 minutes will blow the betting strategy completely and will cause high levels of stress. This is why you need to choose your games carefully, looking for close games where few goals are expected. You want a game with 2 strong defences and off form strikers. Maybe not the most exciting match for the punters in the stadium, but the less excitement, the better for a football trader.

We recommend that you use this football trading strategy in conjunction with an online inlay too, which will assist you in placing your back bets quickly at a pre determined price. This makes sure that you get matched quickly and avoid making errors while worrying about whether a goal is going to be scored or not. In our experience, the best tool available is from Geeks Toy. It has a very fast, easy to use, responsive interface. It works on multiple markets and is available on a free trial to see if you like it (which we are sure you will)!

Betfair Trading Software


The LAY the Nil All (0:0) Draw Strategy

This is well known football betting and trading system that has been questioned by some commentators in recent years. However, provided that you  choice of match is disciplined, it still provides good opportunities. Patience is the key. If the match is not looking like there will be any goals, you will have to trade out for a loss at some stage, probably around the 60 – 70 minute mark, otherwise you will lose your whole lay bet.

Part one -Look for Matches with a high probability of a result

The simplest way to find selections is to use the summary page of your betting account. Quickly scanning through the matches highlighted a match where there is a strong favourite (Crystal Palace 52%) but also a reasonable chance of a draw (29%).

Back   Lay
1.94 Crystal Palace 1.96
3.45 Draw 3.50
4.15 West Brom 4.20

Part two – Research recent form and team head-to-head

Looking back at recent form for these teams highlights a string of success for Crystal Palace (justifying the favourite tag) and not so much success for West Brom so this would further qualify this match for selection

Head to head, these teams have only played each other 3 times over the past 15-years but each time they have played, goals were scored further qualifying this match for selection.

The third (and final) qualifier was that in 57 matches that the favourite (Crystal Palace) had played in the past 10 years, there have only been 4 matches (7%) where the result was a 0:0 draw. Ideally, we’re looking for a ratio of less than 10%

The other factor in our favour is that West Brom were very effective at holding opposition teams to 0:0 scorelines up to half-time

Part three -Review the 0:0 Correct Score Betting Market

We know that the odds are going to be sharp for this market given the relative favouritism of the home team, recent form and head to head history but we have statistics on our side and we’re going to use them to our advantage!

Back   Lay
6.00 0:0 8.00

We placed a £11.00 LAY BET at 8.00 for a liability of £77.00 (if the result was 0:0) and a return of just under £11.00 (ex commission). We didn’t have to wait long as West Brom scored within 2 minutes which meant that we had guaranteed a profit of nearly £11.00 on this football match. The final score on this match was 0:2 to West Brom but after the first goal went in, we didn’t need to worry about the final score!

Other Football Betting Systems

The Definitive Guide to Betting on Football, written by Kevin Pullein of the Racing Post is an excellent book, drawing on Kevin’s years of experience in football betting. He talks about what is likely to happen during various phases of a match and how you can exploit this with your betting.

The book is recommended for novices and more experienced punters too.

Click here for the price information.

Another very well reviewed book is Sports Trading Betfair: Profitable Betting Exchange Systems for trading on Betfair and Betdaq.

This is written Wayne Bailey.It explains how and why odds move, with strategies for responding to (and profiting from) these odds changes.

It has had many positive reviews, including this glowing reference from Danny C,

“A must buy for all beginner traders! If you’re new to the game like me, this book will give you a great understanding of how the markets work. The book goes into great detail on many different strategies which can be used with betfair software, with plenty of good examples from Wayne. A great read at a fantastic price!”

Click here for price information


Football is the most popular sport for betting and it’s easy to see why. Games are being played throughout the world daily and the majority are covered by online bookmakers, so you will never be short of a match on which to bet. Get accustomed to the main football betting markets first and once you feel comfortable, work your way into football trading and football betting systems, using the examples above.

NFL Betting and Trading Tips and Strategies

Looking for NFL betting and trading tips and strategies. Want to know about the history and main wagers in NFL betting? You are in the right place. Read on and enjoy learning about the excitement that can be had for online punters with NFL and American Football.

The modern version of football we see being played in the National Football League (NFL) today, has its roots in the game of rugby. On November 6th 1869, Rutgers and Princeton played the first college soccer football game and seven years later, the first rules of American football were written.
NFL betting with Bet MajesticIt wasn’t until 1920 that the NFL was founded and it featured ten teams from a total of four states. There are two teams, all be it with different names (Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals) who remain from the first season of NFL. The rival league, called the American Football League was established in 1960 and become very popular. Both leagues then merged together to form the expanded version on the NFL we see today. It was this which resulted in the creation of the Super Bowl.

NFL Betting History

As with every sport which was enjoyed by the masses, betting on NFL games soon became common place. However, it is illegal to have a betting operation in the USA, other than within Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana. Therefore, illegal bookies would take bets on NFL games but the need for these has greatly diminished thanks to the arrival of online betting.
Online NFL betting is still a grey area in the USA but there are no such problems in other countries around the world, where betting is legal. Betting on the NFL is very popular and continues to grow, with NFL betting tips and NFL betting strategies improving all the time. However, before looking at NFL betting strategies and tips, we need to look at how to bet on NFL.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

Although the NFL is just one league, it is split into different sections during the season. Each part of the season is distinctive and offers various options to punters. When learning how to bet on the NFL, you need to be aware of these different stages to the season.

NFL Preseason

You may think NFL preseason games are not worth looking at but they are, for many reasons. Preseason usually lasts about a month for each team, giving you an extra month of NFL games on which to bet. NFL betting tips will be harder to find during this time because coaches will be looking at different players and key players will be used sparingly. However, by keeping a close eye on all the action, you can spot elements of a teams play, which will come in useful when betting on the Regular season.

NFL Regular Season

This is where the bulk of the NFL action takes place during a season. There are 256 games played in total and each team plays the other three teams in their division twice, in addition to four other teams in one other division from each conference. There are also two additional games, which are chosen based on last season’s rankings. With so many games to choose from, the NFL regular season is one of the best times for using NFL betting tips.

NFL Playoffs

nfl betting on the playoffsWith twelve teams having made it through to the NFL playoffs, all games are now played on a knockout basis, which is very exciting for betting. There are three rounds of knockout games, culminating in the AFC and NFC Championship. The winners of these two games will progress to the Super Bowl. Having used the preseason to learn how to bet on the NFL, by this point you will be well up to speed and the playoffs are a great time for NFL betting.

Super Bowl

nfl betting on the Super Bowl with bet majestic The Super Bowl is the biggest single sports betting event of the year for both Las Vegas sports books and online betting sites. It’s possible to bet on anything and everything when it comes to the Super Bowl, including the coin toss, the length of the Star-Spangled Banner and who the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) thanks first in his speech. Fortunately, all the usual NFL betting markets are also available and you can expect to find plenty of NFL betting strategies and tips online. In may people’s view, the Super Bowl is the worlds biggest annual sporting event. This may be true, depending on which sports you follow and which country you come from.

The Main NFL Betting Markets

The NFL is massive, not only in the USA but the world and online bookmakers offer a great selection of betting markets for punters to enjoy. When starting to bet on NFL, it’s a good idea to stick to the popular NFL betting markets, including:
Moneyline – Simply choose which team you think will win the game
Match Spread – A handicap bet where the bookmaker will offer the team expected to lose a points advantage and the team expected to win a points disadvantage. This will make the odds for both teams the same, a little under evens.
Total Points – The bookmaker will give a points total for both teams combined and you can bet on over or under that number.
How Many Touchdowns in a Game – The total number of touchdowns in a game.
Conference Winner – Select which team you think will win either the AFC or NFC Conference
Super Bowl Outright – Choose the team you believe will win the Super Bowl.
Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Which players will win the Regular season and Super Bowl MVP award?

NFL Betting Strategies

As with all sports, the key to betting successfully on the NFL lies in finding good value bets. There are no NFL betting systems in place, which will guarantee you make money, despite what some of them claim. Instead, you must check the NFL betting tips provided by experts and implement your own NFL betting strategies, including the ones highlighted below.

One of the most successful NFL betting strategies that we have encountered online is the Z Code Live Game Simulator. This is an amazing piece of software which carries out all of the research described below and then calculates the likely result of an NFL match. Saves you a lot of time and you can benefit from their experience. Well worth checking out if you are serious about beating the bookies through NFL betting.

You can also keep up to date with some great tips about NFL betting, NBA betting and baseball betting through the Z Code Newsletter. Click here for the latest copy. 


There is a wealth of information available for the NFL and you must use it, if you want to stand any chance of making a profit when betting on the sport. Look at the form of the two teams involved in the game you are betting on and decide which team, using the statistics, are favourites. Go one further and assign a handicap to the teams, as this will help you decide what to do when betting on the spread. For example, if you believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will win by 7 points and the bookies offer 3, you can back them with confidence.

Important Numbers

Note in the NFL betting example above, we used the numbers 7 and 3. These numbers were not selected at random. Records show there are three common winning margins in the NFL and these are 3 points, 7 points and 10 points, in that order. It’s important to keep these in mind and understand the difference between 2.5 and 3.5 points when betting the spread.

If the Pittsburgh Steelers are given a +3.5 spread, the .5 they are given above the 3 point margin is significant due to the number of games which finish with a 3 point margin. A .5 margin above 5 points or 8 points is much less significant because of the small number of games which finish within this margin.

This information may take a little time to digest but it’s vital to your NFL betting strategy.

Home Team Advantage

Teams playing on their home field in the NFL are traditionally worth an extra 3 point advantage and this is often reflected in the bookmakers spread. If you see a team who are playing at home with a -3 point spread, essentially the bookmaker thinks the teams are even in terms of ability. The home team are given the -3 based on the fact they are home and it’s important to consider this for your NFL betting strategy.
You can use this information to decide if a spread bet is good value. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing Green Bay Packers at home and the spread is Pittsburgh -4.5, you can flip the venue using the 6 point swing between the 3 point advantage for home teams and 3 point disadvantage for away teams. Therefore, if this match was being played at Green Bay, Pittsburgh Steelers would be -1.5 at the spread.
This is a great NFL betting tip which you can apply to your NFL betting strategy to discover if a bet has value.

Recovering A Bad Loss

During the regular NFL season, some teams will suffer big defeats and when they do, the betting markets tend to overreact, especially when they play their next away game. The points spread will be larger than usual but statistics show teams coming off a loss of 14 points or more have a success rate of over 50% against the spread in the next away match. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you see a team suffer a big defeat before travelling for their next game. They may well be worth backing for a victory next time out once they have had time to lick their wounds?


With the NFL stretching from the start of September through to February, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in betting during the season. From preseason games, to the regular season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl, there are different aspects of the NFL season to enjoy and plenty of markets on which to bet.
Put the NFL betting strategies and tips into practice and they will help you when learning how to bet on NFL. Most of all, bet within your limits and have fun when betting the NFL. As with all of the betting strategies that you have mentioned, we recommend that you test them on paper first, before committing any of your own money to the bet.

Win with baseball betting and trading tips

This post is written for anyone who wants to know amore about the how to win with baseball betting.

Although baseball is commonly thought of as being an American sport, mainly thanks to the success and popularity of Major League Baseball, research has shown its origins lie elsewhere. In fact, the first known mention of a sport very much like baseball is in a 1744 British publication and the set-up of the field looks like that of the game as it is played today.

Not only did the first version of baseball take place in the United Kingdom, it also featured royalty as the Prince of Wales was player in a match which took place in Surrey in 1749. Even when the game was taken to North America by English immigrants, it was Canada where it first landed, before being taken across to the USA by both British and Irish Canadians. It wasn’t until 1791 that baseball was referenced as being played in the USA and it took until the mid-1800’s for the first modern rules of the game to develop.

As the game become more popular and the National League formed in 1876, players became professional and being a baseball player was a way to make a very good living for yourself. As more money entered the game, gambling started to become wide-spread and enjoyed by many people. As with all sports, baseball betting and trading started to develop quickly and with rise of the internet, it became accessible to millions of people and so, new and interesting markets were established.

Baseball betting and trading has not been without its problems over the years and gambling scandals can be traced back to the 1870’s, when four players were banned from professional baseball for life, having throwing a match for money. Baseball and gambling have a very interesting history and it remains a fun sport on which to bet, with many matches and events to bet on throughout the year.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

There are several baseball events around the world, which are popular when it comes to betting. They include the following:

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Major league baseball

The MLB is the biggest and richest baseball league in the world and features 30 teams from the USA and Canada. Split into two leagues and regional divisions, there are 2,430 baseball games played in the regular season, offering plenty of betting opportunities. From April to November you will find plenty of games on which to bet and baseball betting tips are usually easy to come by online. Many baseball betting strategies, which we will come to later, are tailor made for Major League Baseball.

World Series

This is the finale of the MLB season and features the remaining two teams after the play-offs have been completed. The two teams play in a best of seven series of matches, with the winner going to lift the Commissioner’s Trophy. Again, you will find many baseball betting tips available for this series of games.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

NPL logo

For many years, this was the only professional sports league in Japan and baseball remains the most popular sport in the country, despite the introduction of the professional football league in 1993. The money involved in the NPB is second only to MLB and many players from the USA and Canada have travelled to play professional baseball in Japan. Baseball betting tips may not be as common for the NPB as they are for MLB but baseball betting strategies can be implemented easily.

The Main Baseball Betting Markets

As with many sports which have leagues and competitions stretching over a long period, you have the option of making long term bets and short term bets, each of which are covered in the main baseball betting markets listed below.

  • Divisional Titles – Which teams will win the MLB Divisional titles?
  • Pennant Titles – A straight knockout format during the play-off season of MLB, which is very exciting for betting.
  • World Series – The seven match MLB series to decide the winning team for that season. The same market applies to other leagues, such as NPB and MLB (the professional Mexican league).
  • Moneyline – Selecting the winner of an individual match.
  • Run Lines – By how many runs do you think the potential victors will win?
  • Over/Under Run Totals – How many runs do you think will be scored in the game? You can bet over or under a specified total.

Tips to Help Betting on Baseball

There are several things you can do, to improve your chances of making a winning baseball bet. Even if some of them may sound trivial, they are all key to giving you the best opportunity of making money betting on baseball and you should always follow them before placing a bet.

However, in our experience the Z Code System of baseball picks is absolutely amazing and well worth checking out as you look for ways to beat the bookies.
Click Here! to find out more about Z Codes

A Level Playing Field

If you are used to betting on European sports, such as football and rugby, you will be used to seeing teams who are much stronger coming out on top on a regular basis. This is not the case with baseball and due to the draft pick system, teams compete on a much more level playing field than they do in other sports. Once glance at the MLB World Series winners shows that between 2001 and 2016, there has been a different winner each year, so keep this in mind when betting.


Always study the statistics of the teams on which you are betting. Look at the form guides and you can pick out which teams are batting well, which pitchers are in form, how many runs they are conceding and who is struggling to win on the road. Websites such as ESPN are very good for baseball statistics.

Finding Value

This is true of any sport on which you are betting and during the baseball regular season, finding value bets can be easier than any other sport. Due to the long season, even a team who appear to be struggling near the bottom of their division can travel to a team near the top and defeat them. Look at the head-to-head records of the teams and check both home and away form because you may find a seemingly struggling team at the bottom, enjoys playing a team close to the top and the odds will be good. Online baseball betting tips may highlight some of these for you but not all of them, so always check it out for yourself to make sure.

Baseball Betting Strategies

There are many general trading systems which can be applied to baseball but there are others which are specific to the sport and can be used to help you make a nice profit. As with any baseball trading strategy you may find on the internet, there is still risk involved and you are never guaranteed to make money, so always keep this in mind when deciding on how much you are going to bet.

Betting Baseball, by Professor Richard Nicholls is an amazingly easy to follow and helpful guide to finding winning baseball picks. It deals with issues like home parks, umpires, key statistics and more to help your baseball betting. Written in 2015, it is still relevant today and forms the basis of a great baseball strategy.

Baseball Underdog Strategy

This is one of the best baseball betting strategies available because you can pick under 50% of underdog winners and still make a nice profit.

Full details of the strategy are available in the paperback or kindle guide – Betting on Major League Baseball The Underdog Strategy – by Ken Osterman

To put this baseball betting strategy into practice, you must check for a full schedule of games in the American and National League and eliminate any where the moneyline odds for the underdog are greater than 6/4. Check the form guide and eliminate any games in which the favourites have won three or more games in a row and the underdogs have lost three or more games in a row.

Having done that, eliminate any games where the favourites pitcher is ranked inside the top-20 for the American League or National League. You will be left with between three and nine games on which to bet and you should bet £20 or a close to that amount as you can afford, on the underdog in each game. Don’t forget to check all the odds to find the best available before placing your bets, as you could be missing out on potentially bigger winnings.

Add any profit you make to your betting bankroll and increase your following days bets accordingly, placing 1.25% of your bankroll on each game. You will need to start with a decent size bankroll to employ this baseball betting strategy but in the long term it has proven to be profitable. However, as mentioned above, never bet what you cannot afford, as there are no guarantees when it comes to betting on sport and this applies to baseball.


Baseball is different to many other sports outside of the USA, due to the fact teams compete on a more level playing field. However, as the season develops you will always find underdogs in matches and you can take advantage of these, using the appropriate statistical information and baseball betting strategies.

As there are so many games played during a professional baseball season, such as the MLB and NPB, you will never be short of betting opportunities and baseball can be one of the most enjoyable sports on which to bet. Study the statistics, the rosters and always look for value bets, as this will give you best chance of making a successful baseball bet.

Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Games and Strategies

Want to know how to win and make big money with an online casino? Then read on, you are in the right place!

It’s possible to trace the history of the casino back to 1638, when the first gambling house was opened in Venice, Italy.  Casino di Venezia is still open today but up until the early 20th century, gambling was prohibited in the USA.  In the early 1930’s, this changed and gambling was legalised in Nevada and Las Vegas.  This soon spread across the country and by the late 1970’s, Atlantic City was not far behind Las Vegas in terms of casino’s and the number of people gambling.

As casino games spread across the world, several films were made which heavily featured this form of gambling.  Croupier, Rounders, Casino and The Gambler are four good examples.

As online sports betting started to gather pace, gambling software started to develop and in 1996, the first wager was placed on an online casino game.  Just two years later, the first online slot machines were introduced, in addition to the first internet poker room.

By the year 2000, millions of people were playing online casino games and it appeared the digital world was going betting mad.  This lead to the growth in the number of online casinos, which reached over 850 by 2010.  As the number of people playing the online casino games grew, so did the size of the prizes and it’s now possible to win millions of pounds by playing online casino games.  Just ask the Norwegian student who was lucky enough to beat the bookie and scoop a prize of over 11 million Euro by playing an online jackpot slot game.

Online casino games are not just there for entertainment, they offer huge prizes which can change lives in an instant.

Popular Online Casino Games

There are several online casino games to enjoy but some are more popular than others and thus, the size of the prizes associated with them are bigger.  Listed below are the best type of online casino games to look out for and when starting out on your online casino gaming adventure, these are the best games to play.

Online Slots

online casino with bet majestic Perhaps the most popular online casino game of the lot is slots.  These can be found at any good online casino and are great fun to play.  Anyone can play online slots, you do not have to have any experience of playing them and the rules are very simple.  You simply spin the slots and attempt to line up as many of the same symbol as possible to win money.  Modern online slots have developed significantly and you can still find the basic three-reel slot machines but now there are many different designs, featuring many reels and up to 50 paylines.  Progressive slots are another modern take on the basic slot machine and allow you to play in a network with thousands of other betting mad players and attempt to beat the bookie and win the massive jackpot, which each player in the network has been feeding.  Progressive slots are very exciting and can lead to some big prizes being won.

Online Roulette

online roulette at the bet majestic online casinoRoulette is one of the traditional casino games, so it’s little surprise to see online roulette as one of the most popular internet based casino games.  The game works in the same way as it does in a bricks and mortar casino, whereby players place their chips on a number or combination of numbers and hope the ball lands in a space which includes your bet.  When playing online roulette for the first time, you will notice the game is much faster, as you are not waiting for other people to place their bet and many of the online roulette wheels do not have table minimums, so you can bet for small amounts if you wish.

Online Poker

poker at the online casino There is a huge choice of excellent online poker games and it’s possible to play any variant of the famous card game you like, whether it be the classic Texas Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha.  No Limit Texas Hold’em is probably the most popular online poker game, as there are no limits on the amount of money you can bet.  Other forms of the game are also exciting and Pot Limit Omaha, where players are dealt four cards and must use two of them, plus three community cards, is very exciting.  You will find many people playing these games, looking to make some easy money, so always ensure you fully understand the rules.  Online poker is more complex than both online roulette and slots and can become very pressured when playing on a live table.

Online Blackjack

online blackjack at the online casinoThis card game can rival online poker as being the most popular at online casinos today.  Perhaps the main reason for online blackjack’s popularity is its simplicity.  The rules are easy to follow and you must get as close to 21 as you can and have a higher hand than dealer to win.  You are dealt two cards and must decide whether to hit (ask for another card), stand (receive no more cards), split (turn your two cards into two separate hands) or double down (receive one card only).  If the total of your cards is over 21, you are bust and out of the game.

These are four examples of the most popular online casino games and even if you are unfamiliar with poker, the other three are very straightforward and you can be playing within minutes.  However, even when playing basic games such as online roulette, you should always have a plan of action in mind.  Good online casino strategies can help you significantly, in terms of both your enjoyment of the games and your chances of winning.

Online Casino Strategies

There are several strategies and tips for all four of the most popular online casino games highlighted above.  To beat the bookies, you should always employ a strategy and the following online casino strategies will ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of winning.

Online Slots Strategies

When playing online slots, you should always bet on as many paylines as possible.  If you are playing on a budget, it’s better to lower your stake amount and increase the number of playlines, as this will give you a better chance of winning.  Always check the rules of the online slots before you play, as the jackpot may only be paid out for bets of a specific amount or more and perhaps the best advice is to practice, using free spins.  Many online slots offer a free practice mode and this will allow you to get to grips with all the features, before you start playing for real money.

Those who play slot machine games at online casinos should look for high variance games, which are defined as games that payout less frequently than others but payout higher amounts. Gamblers may have to do their research to determine which games they have the best chance of benefitting financially from. It also helps to determine through research what the most trustworthy casinos online are. Reputable online casinos that offer generous bonuses are the best choice for serious gamblers. It is also advisable to look for an online casino that cannot reverse a player’s withdrawal after they have requested it.

William Hill


The specific game one plays has a lot to do with their chances of winning. A growing number of slot machine games at online casinos now boast the 243 ways to win feature. This feature essentially eliminates pay lines, making it much easier to win money from these games.

Gamblers should also keep in mind that the more money they bet the more money they are likely to win. Small bets almost never pay off big. Those playing to win should take their gambling seriously and do it purely as a means of financial gain as opposed to entertainment. When choosing slot machine games to play online gamblers should keep in mind that the best way to win money is to bet on however many pay lines the game has. This makes it more likely a player will win the game’s jackpot.

Online Roulette Strategies

If you are new to the game, start by betting on odd/even as this will give you the best chance of winning and allow you to become familiar with the roulette wheel.  Make a note of the numbers which are winning frequently, you will start to get a feel of when to place an attacking bet.  In addition, always check the type of online roulette you are playing, as this can change your odds of winning.  The American roulette has a double zero, meaning beating the bookies becomes more difficult than on a European wheel, which has one zero.

While betting systems can be helpful during a game of online Roulette, players have to know when to use them and when not to. Using any system does not guarantee winning, but it shouldn’t be completely dismissed as a viable strategy. When choosing numbers to bet on, players should focus on one through 18 while making an equal bet on the higher group of numbers. This way players’ win when the ball lands on the low number they bet on and they also win when it lands on the higher number they chose.

In general the best way to win online Roulette is to play the European version as opposed to the American version. The European version has a lower house edge than the American version, putting more money in player’s pockets. When choosing an online casino to play European Roulette at gamblers should keep in mind that it is best to find a casino that offers the “No Prison” or “Surrender” rule. These rules refund a player 50% of their bet in a game with the “No Prison” rule and refund a player 100% of their bet in a game with the “Surrender” rule anytime the Roulette ball lands on the single zero on the wheel.

Online Poker Strategies

If you playing poker with friends on your dining room table, you would be playing them and not the hand.  Online poker is no different and you must study your opponents, especially if you start playing the same people regularly.  If you are nervous about playing online poker for the first time, look for the tables which allow you to bet small amounts, often called ‘micro stakes’ and set yourself a budget.  Finally, and perhaps one of the best online casino strategies, is to play multiple tables at once.  You will not want to do this immediately but as you become a stronger player, you should have as many online poker tables on the go at a single time as you can manage.  This will speed up your play, increase your playing volume and ultimately bring you a higher return.

Online Blackjack Strategies

Never bet your whole stack at once when playing online blackjack, however tempting it may seem.  As a basic rule, you should never bet more than half your stack because you will see it disappear very quickly and be out of the game.  Responsible betting is key when playing online blackjack.  There are several basic strategies available for blackjack and as you are required to make a decision, which could win or lose you the game, on every hand you are dealt, you need to have one place.  There are many blackjack cheat sheets available to download for free online and although you would not be allowed to take one into a casino with you, by playing online blackjack, you can have it by your side the whole time.  As you become more familiar with playing online blackjack, you will not need the sheet but it is a great way to start and a good online casino strategy.

When playing table games such as Blackjack at an online casino, gamblers should be aware of the fact that they have better odds of winning than they would at a land based casino. Less experienced players should practice Blackjack for free at online casinos that allow it. Once a player has developed their Blackjack skills they have a much better chance of winning games online.

Much like in land based casinos, in many online casinos players can choose the Blackjack table they want to participate in. It is best to choose one that has a maximum limit on bets that equals no more than 5% of the amount of money set aside to play the game.

There are many varieties of Blackjack available to play at most online casinos. The varieties with the best odds of winning include Blackjack Switch and Surrender as well as Perfect Blackjack. Gamblers who are serious about winning money at online Blackjack should stick to variants of the game that have a house edge of no more than 1%.

Before starting any game of online Blackjack it is important for players to look for certain information about each version of the game. One of the most important pieces of information to find out in advance is how much a Blackjack pays. It is also important to find out how many decks of cards are used, and if splitting Aces is allowed.

Blackjack strategy cards can be obtained for any version of the game a gambler wants to play. Having the correct strategy card in front of them while they are playing is an important aspect of being able to win money doing it.

While one tried and true strategy for winning at Blackjack is to count cards, this is impossible to do online unless one is playing Live Dealer Blackjack. Those who are skilled at counting cards will want to limit themselves to Blackjack games with live dealers. Other tips for winning when playing online Blackjack include knowing when it is smarter to stand and when it is smarter to hit. Players should compare their hand to the dealer’s to help them make this decision. In general it is also best to avoid taking insurance if the dealer’s hand includes an Ace. Doubling down on 10s and 11s will also help gamblers win at online Blackjack.

For players who aren’t extremely experienced at online Blackjack it is best to try the game in demo mode, which is a feature most online casinos offer. Perfecting one’s online Blackjack skills before playing for real money is always one of the best strategies for winning. When gamblers are ready to start playing for real money it helps to find an online casino that offers bonuses to table game players. By combining bonus money with a gambler’s bankroll it will cost them less to win more.

Video Poker

Many online casinos offer video poker, which pay out more than the typical slot machine game does. With the right strategy, video poker can be a game that is easy to win money at. Players have better odds of winning money in video poker at online casinos than with most other games.

Due to the optimal payouts players are likely to win, the best version of video poker at any online casino is Jacks or Better. As little as two pairs of jacks can and do pay out well in video poker. Ideally players will want to choose a game where a full house will pay them nine times the amount of their bet. These games also tend to pay out six times the amount of a player’s bet for a flush. As long as Jacks or Better is played correctly, using the right strategy, gamblers can realistically expect to win back all but one cent of every dollar they wager.

One strategy that is effective in helping players win is the Jacks or Better Perfect Strategy. For each hand a gambler plays there is a different strategy rule to follow. For example, on the first hand players ideally will want to have a royal or straight flush, or even four of a kind. There are 16 rules for 16 corresponding hands, the final rule being to discard everything a player has.


Another video poker game that should be played online for the best odds is Deuces Wild. The better a player’s strategy is for the game the more successful they will be in winning. With a player edge of just under 1%, Deuces Wild is a popular game at online casinos.


You are now familiar with the most popular online casino games and the basics of how they work.  All the best online casinos have these games available and sometimes it’s possible to practice them for free, before betting any money, which is always a good idea.  Implement the online casino strategies when playing the games and not only will you have great fun, you also stand a good chance of beating the bookies and making some nice money in the process.






Successful Tennis Trading Strategies to win

Wondering what the most successful tennis trading strategies are? Wonder how you can be more consistent with tennis betting? You are in the right place. Read on for some great tennis systems.

Tennis is a hugely popular sport in the betting world and it’s easy to see why.  To the casual observer, there are many ATP and WTA tournaments played throughout the year and every sports fan knows of the Grand Slam tournaments.  However, with Challenger events taking place across the globe, on a regular basis, it’s possible to participate in tennis trading or betting throughout the year, at all times of the day.

A Brief History

It’s very difficult to trace back the history of tennis betting and exactly when it first started to take place.  However, there is an interesting theory which links tennis and betting together from a very early time and it relates to the scoring method used.

In the middle ages, the number 60 was very important in France and the scoring system of tennis was based on this number, divided by four, which produced the other points used, which are 15, 30 and 40.  However, as several sports was used for betting purposes in the middle ages and in Germany there were laws preventing bets being placed over 60 ‘deniers’, it is though the scoring system was linked to this.

In addition, there was a French coin in circulation at the time called ‘gros denier tournois’ which was worth 15 deniers.  So it is thought they might be using this to bet per point, up to a total of 60.  It’s an interesting theory and shows how deep the potential link between tennis and betting really is.

tennis betting with bet majestic

Popular tennis events for betting and trading

As mentioned above, there are plenty of tennis events on which to bet throughout the calendar year.  Some are more popular than others and if you are just starting out on your adventure of tennis betting, here are some of the most popular events on which to bet.

  • Australian Open – takes place every January in Melbourne. The first “major” of the year
  • French Open – played on the famous clay courts of Roland Garros in Paris every June
  • Wimbledon – grass court tournament, played in London during June and July
  • US Open – the American major, played in Flushing Meadow, New York during September each year
  • ATP Tour Finals – the world’s top 16 male players compete in this end of year tournament in London in November
  • WTA Tour Finals – the top women compete in Singapore during October at the close of the annual season
  • Davis Cup – Year round competition where the players represent their countries
  • ATP Indian Wells Masters – the first of 9 ATP masters events takes place during March each year
  • ATP Miami Open – another leading ATP event where nearly all the top players will compete
  • Olympic Games – Olympic gold is now one of the most sought after medals for tennis pros, taking place every 4 years

The events above cover the four Grand Slam tournaments, the season ending finals of both the ATP and WTA Tours, the Davis Cup which is an international team event, standalone tournaments on the ATP and WTA Tour and the Olympic Games.  You will find the greatest choice of tennis trading markets available during these events.

Tennis Betting Rules

Before moving on to highlight some of the best tennis betting markets, tennis trading systems and good tennis betting strategy, it’s important to gain an understanding of tennis betting rules.

Tennis betting rules can differ by bookmaker but player retirement is the most common one to look out for.

Player Retirement

Regardless of what market you have bet on, player retirement can have an impact on your bet.  For example, with match betting, some bookmakers will never refund a bet after the first point of a match has been played, regardless of player retirement.  Other bookmakers will refund bets in this instance, whereas some will differ depending on how many sets have been played.  Always check the tennis betting rules of the bookmaker you are using before placing bets, whichever market you are betting on to avoid losing your stake in these situations.

The Main Tennis Betting Markets

As with many sports, the introduction of online betting has seen a significant increase in the number of tennis betting markets available.  Here are some of the most popular markets to get you started with your tennis trading:

Match Betting

This simply involves betting on the player you believe will win a specific match.  So, if Andy Murray was playing Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon, you would select one of these players to win the match and place your bet on that player.  The same principle applies to doubles matches.

Tournament Winner

This is another straight forward tennis betting market and involves picking the winner of the whole tournament.  For example, you could back Serena Williams to win the US Open but all she must do is lose one match for your bet to be over.

Set Winner

This market is set specific and allows you to bet on the player you believe will win the next set or the current one, if betting live in-play.

Number of Sets

How many sets do you think there will be in this match?  Are the players involved closely matched, meaning it could be a three or five set match or will one of them cruise through in straight sets?  This is an interesting market for tennis betting.

Most Aces

This market is as straight forward as it sounds.  Which player do you believe will serve the most aces in a match.

Over/Under Totals

Here you can bet on the total number of games played during a match.  Bookmakers will set a total and you must bet on whether you believe the total amount of games played will be over or under this number.

Tennis Tips

tennis betting with bet majesticThere are many internet tipsters who will provide you with details of their suggestions for the best tennis wagers. In our experience, Tennis Tips provide the best value and most reliable tips available.

They use different methods involving the use of statistical modelling and analysing players performance generate a view on the probability of result and then they can work out what odds are required for value. Their system has beeb refined over many years and, although not especially cheap, it does offer a fantastic way to become involved in a syndicate run by former bookmakers.

Tennis betting systems

Before going into a few tennis betting systems you can use, there are a few things you need to remember when betting on tennis.  Tennis betting strategy not only involves choosing the best events and markets to bet on, it also involves studying information.  The following three examples are key principles you should follow when betting on tennis and they will help to increase your winnings.

Head-to-Head Records

Always check the head-to-head records between the two players before placing your bet.  This information is available for free online and will allow you to spot trends between players.  Look at recent results, if one player has defeated the other consistently over the past two years, it is clear they have the edge.

Playing Surface

Some players prefer playing on specific surfaces.  They simply perform better in tournaments which are played on one surface than any other.  Rafael Nadal is a good example of this as although he has won all four Grand Slam events he is best on clay and this becomes clear with his nine French Open titles

Schedule and Motivation

During the tennis season, players travel the world and play in numerous events.  There may come a time when they need to prioritise a tournament over another and this sees them eliminated earlier than expected.  If a less prestigious event is taking place just before or after a Grand Slam, the top players may not perform to their highest level and this is worth keeping in mind when tennis betting.

Tennis Trading System

For those who like to have a system to follow when betting, tennis is a great sport because there are some excellent tennis trading systems to employ.  Below are examples of three great tennis trading systems you can use when betting on tennis.

YoYo Method

yo yo tennis trading strategiesThis is a good tennis trading system but you must have self-control when using it.  This system is often used in the second set of a match and comes into play when the favourite for the match has lost the first set.  When a top player loses the first set, there is a good chance they are going to bounce back and claim the second set, so place your bets on that player as soon as the first set has closed out.  This happens more often than you might think.  However, it cannot be used on every match and you need to be selective and watch the match live for the best results.  This is true whenever you are tennis trading.

Breaking Back Method

This tennis trading system focuses on the first break serve in a match.  So again, it is best if you are watching the match live when employing this strategy.  Once the first break in the match has occurred, you can back the player who has forced the break.  Once the odds for this player to win have dropped, which they will, you can then place a lay bet (back against them) on a betting exchange, such as Betfair.  You need to have access to a good live feed for this strategy as timing is of the essence and if you are watching coverage which is delayed by a few seconds, it could be costly.  However, when used correctly, this tennis trading technique is one of the best due to the lack of risk involved.  Essentially, the worst thing that can happen is no one matches your bet but in that instance, you will not lose anything. However, as with all trading, you should not leave your trade open for long. You should close your trade quickly, because odds can move up fast too and you need to cover your losses to protect your trading bank if necessary.

Laying the Favourite

This tennis trading system involves laying the favourite before the match has started.  Make your bet just before it starts and if the underdog makes some game points and takes the lead, this is when the odds for the favourite will begin to lengthen.  Once you are happy with the potential profit you will make, you can back the favourite and enjoy your winnings.  There will be times when the favourite wins some game points early in the match and you will be forced to exit the trade with a loss.  However, the amount you will lose is offset by the amount you can win in the long-term. This tennis trading strategy is best used when you think that a favourite is just coming back from injury, may not be all that interested in the tournament or is playing a young pretender with something to prove.

These are examples of three basic tennis trading systems but should still be used with caution by beginners.  Take time to become familiar with trading on betting exchanges before you start tennis trading in this way. It is also worthwhile using paper trading (practicing without actually placing money) on your first few trades before you actually get involved.

Further information on tennis betting and trading

Mastering Tennis Trading by Daniel Weston helps you take a calm, analytical approach to tennis trading . As with trading and betting on any sport, it is good to keep the emotion out. The book provides tennis trading strategies for including,

  • backing the favourite when losing
  • backing the server
  • laying bad servers
  • tiebreak trading

There are lots of statistics which reveal in play, high odds trading opportunities and are well worth checking out.

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Tennis is regarded as one of the best sports for betting and trading.  There are always matches available on which to bet throughout the year.  There is a great choice of markets available, live streaming of hundreds of matches and a wealth of statistics to help you with your tennis betting.  With several tennis trading strategies available for you to employ, you will never be short of ways to make good profit when betting on tennis.


The Best Value Betting Lesson for Online Punters

Everyone wants good value don’t they? Value betting is the answer to this dilemma. Read on for the best value betting lesson

When you buy something for your house or when you place a bet, it is always important to get value for the money that you are spending. In fact, the only really sure way to make long term profits through online sports betting is to make sure that you get value in your bets. This is the best way for anyone to beat the bookies

Value is the key to making good profits in the long term and should never be ignored.

That is why we created the Bet Majestic Value Calculator – (scroll down for more information.)

What is value betting?

value betting with bet majestic and van goghValue is when you are able to get something for less than it is actually worth. Imagine that you are an expert in antiques and you find a picture that is on sale for £500.00.

However, you know that you would be able to resell the picture for £750.00.

This means that there is clearly value in the picture, because you could sell it for more than you paid for it and make a good profit.

The fact that you have experience and knowledge about the likely prices is the key here. Your knowledge is what allows you to determine whether value exists.

If you did not know what you could sell the picture for, it would not be a wise purchase, because you would be taking a risk without any proper knowledge. This would not be a value buy.

How does value betting work?

The same principles apply to getting the odds in sports betting.  The true value of a sporting event is expressed by the probability of the outcome actually occurring.

This means that the odds offered by the bookmakers are related to the probability of an event happening (plus a mark up to help ensure profit for the bookmaker).

Therefore, if you can get odds higher than the odds indicated by the probability (the ‘correct’ odds), then you have found a good value bet.

How to calculate the value in a bet

The simplest bet is flipping a coin. There are 2 possible outcomes – heads or tails and the chances of each out come are the same – 50%. Matters like form, home or away fixtures or whether a key player is missing do not affect the result. It is always 50% chance of either outcome.

First of all, you calculate the correct odds by dividing 100 by the chance of the outcome.

In the coin-flipping example, the chances of heads are 50%.

Therefore, 100/50 = 2. The correct odds are 2.00. If you are able to get odds higher than 2, you are getting good value. If you get odds less than 2, you do not have good value.

Suppose that you are able to get odds of 2.20 on heads. That would imply a chance of the event happening of 45% (100/2.2=45).

We know that the actual likelihood is 50%, so you are able to buy the odds at a value of 5%. It is like when we bought the painting knowing that it was worth more than the asking price.

Does the bet have value?

In order to know whether a bet has value, then we need to know how to calculate the probability and value.

It is simple. The probability is 100 divided by the odds offered. So if the odds offered are 3.0, the calculation is 100 / 3 = 33.3% probability of the event happening according to the bookmaker.

If you estimate that the true chance of the result happening is greater than 33.3%, then you have found good value.

The formula for calculating value is:

Odds offered by bookmaker x your predicted percentage chance / 100.

If the result is greater then 1.0, then you have found value.

Suppose that you thought the chances of the result in the example above were 40%, the calculation is as follows:

3.0 x 40 / 100 = 1.2

As the answer is greater than 1, we have managed to find value and this represents a good bet for many online punters. Others will have a different attitude to risk, and will want to look for even greater value to reduce the risk of losing.

There are many variables in searching for value, but this shows that value is linked to probability and does not mean that simply betting on high odds is the way to make money betting. Sometimes odds of 1.5 can represent good value and odds of 10 may represent bad value, even though they would produce a great return if it actually won.

Punters need to perfect their analysis of bets by being as accurate as they can in relation to their predictions.

These will be affected by a variety of issues like form, injuries, location of the match or race etc.

As well as using your own knowledge and experience, make use of prediction sites like Statarea and FC Stats for football. The community of users on OLBG offer excellent prediction statistics for many other sports.

There are obviously many other great ways of finding out about the likely results of sports by studying reports from BBC, Sky, Racing Post and others.

value betting and bbc sports
BBC Sport is a great source of value betting statistics

Bet Majestic Value Calculator

The methods set out above are made very simple and easy to calculate by using the Bet Majestic Value Calculator.

This is a spread sheet with some simple to use sheets, which work out in an instant whether the odds that you have found represent good value, or not.

Not only does the Value Calculator allow you to calculate whether a bet is good value, it can predict the likely outcome of a football match based on the recent form of each team. Then, the calculator works out the correct value of each result to help you get value with every bet.

value betting simple calculator
Simple Value Betting Calculator

This tool is easy to use and will simplify the decision making process for any online punter looking to beat the bookies.

Bet Majestic Football Value
Bet Majestic Football Value Calculator

The Bet Majestic Value Calculator costs just £10.

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As well as providing advice about the value of a potential bet, the Bet Majestic Value Calculator helps you minimise the risk of blowing your betting bank on losing bets by providing a simple stake calculator and a more sophisticated Kelly Criteria calculator.

value betting stake calculator
Bet Majestic Stake Calculator

The means that the Bet Majestic Value Calculator is a tool that every serious online punter should be using and at just £10, it represents an amazing opportunity.

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Racing Expert

The team at Racing Expert are aware of the importance of making sure that not only do the horses they tip need to have a good chance of winning, but the odds must be set at a good enough value to make the bet worthwhile. They specifically state, “we only bet at value odds. Price is everything”.

This is a very good reason for recommending them for any value-seeking punter.

That combined with their amazing success rate. Just looking through their testimonials paints a picture of their success. Albert Chamberlain commented,

“I’ve been on the trial for a month now and I managed to bet my betting balance from £100 to £1,865, betting £50 a bet. I know that not every day is a winner, bit I always cash out my betting balance at the end of the month and I have never had a month like this before. It will pay for a holiday for my wife and I, which I could never have afforded on my small pension.”

Value Seeker

The most authoritative guide to value betting on the racecourse is Value Seeker by Anthony Gibson.

The idea behind the Value Seeker system is based on the calculations set out above. It helps you to find the best value bets from horse racing each day, using the statistics on the horses form as found in the Racing Post. Once you have had a bit of practice, selections can be found within 10 minutes and the bets placed long before the race starts. There is no need to become emotionally involved in the race as you are simply relying on the facts and statistics available.

Anthony Gibson is a professional punter and his system has produced some great results. He describes £138,000 from £100 bets in an 18-month period up to 2014.

Value Seeker has received some excellent reviews – earning an average of 4 stars from over 50 customer reviews, so at a low cost, it represents excellent value for money for any punter looking to beat the bookies.

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Final words about Value Betting

Please don’t think that if one of your value bet selections loses, the bet did not have value. A punter has to know that not all bets can be winning bets and the key factor is to regularly choose good value in your picks. This will mean that, over time, assuming that you prediction of results is reasonable, you will make more from your online betting.