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NFL Betting and Trading Tips and Strategies

Looking for NFL betting and trading tips and strategies. Want to know about the history and main wagers in NFL betting? You are in the right place. Read on and enjoy learning about the excitement that can be had for online punters with NFL and American Football.

The modern version of football we see being played in the National Football League (NFL) today, has its roots in the game of rugby. On November 6th 1869, Rutgers and Princeton played the first college soccer football game and seven years later, the first rules of American football were written.
NFL betting with Bet MajesticIt wasn’t until 1920 that the NFL was founded and it featured ten teams from a total of four states. There are two teams, all be it with different names (Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals) who remain from the first season of NFL. The rival league, called the American Football League was established in 1960 and become very popular. Both leagues then merged together to form the expanded version on the NFL we see today. It was this which resulted in the creation of the Super Bowl.

NFL Betting History

As with every sport which was enjoyed by the masses, betting on NFL games soon became common place. However, it is illegal to have a betting operation in the USA, other than within Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana. Therefore, illegal bookies would take bets on NFL games but the need for these has greatly diminished thanks to the arrival of online betting.
Online NFL betting is still a grey area in the USA but there are no such problems in other countries around the world, where betting is legal. Betting on the NFL is very popular and continues to grow, with NFL betting tips and NFL betting strategies improving all the time. However, before looking at NFL betting strategies and tips, we need to look at how to bet on NFL.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

Although the NFL is just one league, it is split into different sections during the season. Each part of the season is distinctive and offers various options to punters. When learning how to bet on the NFL, you need to be aware of these different stages to the season.

NFL Preseason

You may think NFL preseason games are not worth looking at but they are, for many reasons. Preseason usually lasts about a month for each team, giving you an extra month of NFL games on which to bet. NFL betting tips will be harder to find during this time because coaches will be looking at different players and key players will be used sparingly. However, by keeping a close eye on all the action, you can spot elements of a teams play, which will come in useful when betting on the Regular season.

NFL Regular Season

This is where the bulk of the NFL action takes place during a season. There are 256 games played in total and each team plays the other three teams in their division twice, in addition to four other teams in one other division from each conference. There are also two additional games, which are chosen based on last season’s rankings. With so many games to choose from, the NFL regular season is one of the best times for using NFL betting tips.

NFL Playoffs

nfl betting on the playoffsWith twelve teams having made it through to the NFL playoffs, all games are now played on a knockout basis, which is very exciting for betting. There are three rounds of knockout games, culminating in the AFC and NFC Championship. The winners of these two games will progress to the Super Bowl. Having used the preseason to learn how to bet on the NFL, by this point you will be well up to speed and the playoffs are a great time for NFL betting.

Super Bowl

nfl betting on the Super Bowl with bet majestic The Super Bowl is the biggest single sports betting event of the year for both Las Vegas sports books and online betting sites. It’s possible to bet on anything and everything when it comes to the Super Bowl, including the coin toss, the length of the Star-Spangled Banner and who the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) thanks first in his speech. Fortunately, all the usual NFL betting markets are also available and you can expect to find plenty of NFL betting strategies and tips online. In may people’s view, the Super Bowl is the worlds biggest annual sporting event. This may be true, depending on which sports you follow and which country you come from.

The Main NFL Betting Markets

The NFL is massive, not only in the USA but the world and online bookmakers offer a great selection of betting markets for punters to enjoy. When starting to bet on NFL, it’s a good idea to stick to the popular NFL betting markets, including:
Moneyline – Simply choose which team you think will win the game
Match Spread – A handicap bet where the bookmaker will offer the team expected to lose a points advantage and the team expected to win a points disadvantage. This will make the odds for both teams the same, a little under evens.
Total Points – The bookmaker will give a points total for both teams combined and you can bet on over or under that number.
How Many Touchdowns in a Game – The total number of touchdowns in a game.
Conference Winner – Select which team you think will win either the AFC or NFC Conference
Super Bowl Outright – Choose the team you believe will win the Super Bowl.
Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Which players will win the Regular season and Super Bowl MVP award?

NFL Betting Strategies

As with all sports, the key to betting successfully on the NFL lies in finding good value bets. There are no NFL betting systems in place, which will guarantee you make money, despite what some of them claim. Instead, you must check the NFL betting tips provided by experts and implement your own NFL betting strategies, including the ones highlighted below.


There is a wealth of information available for the NFL and you must use it, if you want to stand any chance of making a profit when betting on the sport. Look at the form of the two teams involved in the game you are betting on and decide which team, using the statistics, are favourites. Go one further and assign a handicap to the teams, as this will help you decide what to do when betting on the spread. For example, if you believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will win by 7 points and the bookies offer 3, you can back them with confidence.

Important Numbers

Note in the NFL betting example above, we used the numbers 7 and 3. These numbers were not selected at random. Records show there are three common winning margins in the NFL and these are 3 points, 7 points and 10 points, in that order. It’s important to keep these in mind and understand the difference between 2.5 and 3.5 points when betting the spread.

If the Pittsburgh Steelers are given a +3.5 spread, the .5 they are given above the 3 point margin is significant due to the number of games which finish with a 3 point margin. A .5 margin above 5 points or 8 points is much less significant because of the small number of games which finish within this margin.

This information may take a little time to digest but it’s vital to your NFL betting strategy.

Home Team Advantage

Teams playing on their home field in the NFL are traditionally worth an extra 3 point advantage and this is often reflected in the bookmakers spread. If you see a team who are playing at home with a -3 point spread, essentially the bookmaker thinks the teams are even in terms of ability. The home team are given the -3 based on the fact they are home and it’s important to consider this for your NFL betting strategy.
You can use this information to decide if a spread bet is good value. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing Green Bay Packers at home and the spread is Pittsburgh -4.5, you can flip the venue using the 6 point swing between the 3 point advantage for home teams and 3 point disadvantage for away teams. Therefore, if this match was being played at Green Bay, Pittsburgh Steelers would be -1.5 at the spread.
This is a great NFL betting tip which you can apply to your NFL betting strategy to discover if a bet has value.

Recovering A Bad Loss

During the regular NFL season, some teams will suffer big defeats and when they do, the betting markets tend to overreact, especially when they play their next away game. The points spread will be larger than usual but statistics show teams coming off a loss of 14 points or more have a success rate of over 50% against the spread in the next away match. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you see a team suffer a big defeat before travelling for their next game. They may well be worth backing for a victory next time out once they have had time to lick their wounds?


With the NFL stretching from the start of September through to February, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in betting during the season. From preseason games, to the regular season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl, there are different aspects of the NFL season to enjoy and plenty of markets on which to bet.
Put the NFL betting strategies and tips into practice and they will help you when learning how to bet on NFL. Most of all, bet within your limits and have fun when betting the NFL. As with all of the betting strategies that you have mentioned, we recommend that you test them on paper first, before committing any of your own money to the bet.

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