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Online Betting In The UK

Online Betting In The UKGambling has been on and off the legal status in the UK, and it has been going in cycles for quite a while now. You could also say that this form of entertainment is to be found deep in the fabric of the British society. A whopping 73% of Brits have enjoyed a form of gambling within 12 months, according to a study made in 2016. This popularity would be impossible without the technological progress of the recent years, which created Online Betting as we know it today.

The issue of legality

But Is gambling legal in the UK right now? The answer is pretty straightforward – yes. Betting in the UK is safe. Moreover, there are no special prerequisites to enjoy betting in the UK. As long as you are 18 years of age, you’re welcome to place bets in any online casino or betting website.

At the same time, UK’s betting sector is among the most tightly-regulated online betting markets on the planet, which ensures high-quality service and responsible advertising.

But what about taxes?

You may think it’s odd that the UK Government don’t ask for a piece of the action from players. No worries! They collect a sizeable tax from the bookies instead. Respectively, you can enjoy every penny you win off betting, without worrying about taxes!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gambling Site

Given UK’s strict regulation, it does not mean that all websites offer an optimal betting experience. Similar to most things on the Internet, the quality varies greatly. Just follow these three simple steps that will act as a quality assurance checklist:

– Your choice should fall exclusively on websites that are licensed and regulated
– Opt for betting sites with good bonuses, and reasonable terms and conditions
– Choose websites that have high-quality software that is compatible with your device

What are the benefits of betting in the UK?

Making deposits and withdrawals is easy. We often take things like these for granted. Since betting is in the state’s sight, banks and online payment services don’t mind dealing with casinos. There are many countries where these operations are quite a hassle.

Betting is evolving. Casino websites follow technology. Thanks to the stable betting environment, operators are urged to invest more money and research new ways to provide a better service. Crypto payments and VR gaming are only a few of the recent innovations that bring new players to the world of betting.

Gambling is Mainstream. The fact that famous ‘bricks and mortar’ brands like Hippodrome, Genting, and others have moved to the web motivated the people of the UK to give online betting a try. Moreover, the advertisement of online betting on football players’ shirts and television has made a significant impact on the normalization of online casinos.

Could you recommend a few betting sites?

Everybody’s preferences are purely subjective, that’s not rocket science. So finding the best website for you is a journey you have to embark on your own. However, we have compiled a list of the most popular betting websites in the UK so you know where to look:

William Hill – this bookie has been operating since 1934 and is currently considered that most popular bookmaker in the UK. William Hill offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions. Moreover, they have a notable variety of sports, especially in the football niche.

Bethard – although this bookmaker has launched its online operation as recently as 2014, they have quickly become a very popular site to place bets. This rapid growth in popularity can only attest to the high quality of service and good bonus system.

888Sport – is another favourite of the United Kingdom. If you’re into exotic sports that aren’t as popular in your country – they probably have it.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that the United Kingdom has one of the safest betting environments in the world. We hope we’ve answered all of your questions regarding placing bets in the UK. Thank you for reading. We wish you the best of luck.

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Ultimate Guide to Betting on Horses

This guide to betting on horses is just what you are looking for if you want the background to horse race betting with some great tips and strategies too.

For many, horse racing is the epitome of betting and vice versa. If you have ever been to a race course in the past, you are sure to have seen the tic-tac man, brightly dressed using hand signals to communicate the odds of various horses to potential punters. A day out at the races is simply not complete without placing a bet on the horses.

As many people inside the race course have no emotional attachment to the horses, unlike football fans for example, the excitement of the races comes from betting money on the potential winner.

A Brief History of Betting on Horses

We can trace the history of horse racing as we see it back to the 17th century. Horse racing itself goes back much further to Roman times and the 12th century. Horse racing also has strong links to royalty and this helped to promote the sport and led to development of breeding horses specifically for racing purposes.

In the 19th century, transport links, technology and the spread of information meant horse racing was being enjoyed by millions of people and newspapers started to cover the races in much greater detail. This lead to an increase in betting on horses and professional, on-course bookmakers soon began to appear.

In the early 1960’s, betting away from the race course became legalised and betting shops started to open. Some 30 years later and with increased television coverage and the arrival of the internet, online betting became the most popular way to gamble on horse racing and it continues to thrive today. Betting tips and online betting guides have become the go to sources of information for those looking to bet on horse racing.

Guide to betting on horses with bet majestic

National Hunt Racing and Flat Racing

Before betting on horses, it’s important you can distinguish between National Hunt racing and Flat racing. National Hunt racing involves jumps and horses must clear these jumps to win the race. Flat racing sees horses race across flat ground, with no obstacles.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

There are a huge number of horse races taking place throughout the year, both in the UK and the rest of the world. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to bet on hundreds of races in the UK, with many taking place daily. This makes betting on horses very easy to arrange. It’s also possible to place bets on horse races taking place elsewhere in Europe and further afield, such as Dubai and the USA. However, there are several events which remain the most popular for horse racing and they include the following:

Cheltenham Festival

This is the biggest racing festival in the UK and it takes place every year, usually in March. There are plenty of races held over the course of the week and you will find some great value bets available, in addition to bonus offers from bookmakers. There will be many betting tips and online betting guides published for this event, giving you great insight into the horses and their chances of winning.

Betting on horses at Royal AscotRoyal Ascot

Another fantastic festival of horse racing, Royal Ascot takes place in June each year, with races taking place across five days. Again, you can expect to see some excellent offers coming through from bookmakers during this event.

Glorious Goodwood

Staged annually in late July or early August, Glorious Goodwood is considered the sporting and social highlight of the flat racing season. This is another fantastic week of horse racing, offering the chance for punters to bet on races across five days of thrilling action.

Betting onHorses at the Grand NationalGrand National

The Grand National is the one race which captures the imagination of those who would not usually place a bet on horse racing. It has become a tradition in the UK for people to place a bet on this race, which is held at Aintree. There is much excitement leading up to the race and again, you will find a great selection of betting guides and tips available online to help you decide where to bet your money. Betting on horses at the Grand National is now a national obsession.

Epsom Derby

Commonly known as simply ‘The Derby’ this is the UK’s richest horse race and considered to be the most prestigious. The race is a great event in the sporting calendar and enjoyed live on television by people all around the world. It’s difficult not to get caught up in the excitement and place a bet on this race.

The Best Tipsters for Betting on Horses

There is so much to take into consideration when betting on horses that many successful online punters take advantage of the tipping service when placing their bets. This gives you an expert’s suggestions for the outcome of a race and the best odds to aim for to ensure value. The tipsters will use statistics that are available to you, but they also have the benefit of years of experience and knowledge of which horses perform best at particular courses, which trainers are on form and how the going makes a difference at a race track.

Win Single

This is the most common wager and involves backing a horse to win the race.


This bet allows you to bet on a horse to win and place. Therefore, if you place a £5 bet on a horse each-way, the bet will actually cost you £10, which is £5 to finish first and £5 to place. Check with the bookmaker to see what places they will pay-out on as this can differ depending on the type of race and number of horses involved.


This bet consists of 7 different wagers, which are 3 singles, 3 doubles and a treble. This can be great if you can find three races where the each-way terms offer good value.


Consisting of 4 bets, which are 3 doubles and a treble, many punters use this with horses who are fancied to run well but have short odds.


This is a bet which is very much in the bookmaker’s favour yet remains popular. A Yankee features 11 bets across 4 selections, with 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-timer.

As you can see, when learning how horse betting works, there are a some factors to consider. The type of horse racing event, whether it be National Hunt or Flat, where the event is taking place and the type of bet you would like to place.

Tips to Help Betting on Horse Racing

You can use an online betting guide or betting tips to pick your selections when betting on horses but it’s wise to complete your own research. The following tips will help you when betting on horse racing:

  1. Read the race day program
  2. Find out what class the horse has been racing at recently
  3. Look at the past performance of the horse on similar surfaces
  4. Form of the jockey
  5. Do the odds represent good value?
  6. Is the weather changing?
  7. How is the horse behaving in the paddock? Is raring to go or does it look lethargic?

Horse Racing Trading and Betting Systems

With a solid understanding of how horse betting works, it’s time to look at trading and betting systems.

In truth, horse racing betting systems do not have a great history of success. Horses are animals after all and on the day, anything can happen. It is better to use the information on the internet to form your own opinion and although a methodical system can be a good approach, you should not rely on it for long term profit. Using the tipsters mentioned above is a fairly safe betting system, because they have great access to the statistics, but also specific knowledge from the yards and jockeys, which can be harder to come by.

Dutching in Horse Betting

There are many betting systems available for horse racing but one of the most popular is Dutching. This involves betting on more than one horse to win in a single race and thus guaranteeing a profit, as long as one of your selections wins. This is the best system to use when you have identified several strong runners in a race, but can’t quite choose which you think will win. Obviously, it is not as simple as that, otherwise everyone would be doing it to make money and herein lies the problem. Firstly, you must find a race where the odds for the horses taking part allow you to bet on them and make a profit. You cannot simply place a £5 bet on four horses, expecting to make a profit at the end of the race. You must take the odds for the horses and work out a stake for each of them, which will not necessarily be the same, to decide if Dutching will work for that race. It requires patience but you can use an online Dutching calculator, which will help you with the maths.

This is just one example of a popular horse racing betting systems and there are many others out there which you can try.

Lay the Field Horse Betting System

Another popular strategy for betting on horses in known as the “Lay the Field” system. You need to have an account with one of the betting exchanges and then, when you have located a suitable race, simply lay everybody.

There are many different variations to the lay the field plan, but the simplest is to lay every horse at slightly less than 2.0. This keeps the liabilities more manageable and, as long as you pick the right races, allows  for a reasonable success rate.

The easiest way to look at this strategy is with an example.

Choose a race with between 6-14 horses. On Betfair, lay every horse at 1.75 for £10.00. This means that the liability you have on the horse is £7.50. In other words, if the horse ends up winning (which one of them will), you will pay out £7.50 on that horse.

Make sure that you set the bets to “keep in play” so that they remain in place after the horse race starts. This is very important. You should set up your bets in good time before the race to avoid any last minute problems.

The chances are that none of your lay bets will be matched pre race, so stay calm and wait for the race to start. Once the bets are placed and set to keep, there is nothing else for you to do.

As the race begins, you will see that all of the odds are fluctuating. Moving up and down as the horse performs.

As the race goes on, Dobbin pulls into the lead. His odds have come down and the lay bet you placed at 1.75 gets matched. In other words, another online punter is prepared to back the horse at 1.75.

The current position is that if Dobbin wins, we lose £7.50, but if any other horse wins, we win £10.00

Then, as so often happens, the leader starts to slow.He has tired and Donkey picks up the pace. Donkey’s odds drop and your 1.75 lay on him gets matched too. Now, if Dobbin or Donkey win, we get £2.50. If any other horse wins, we get £20.00.

We have greened up by simply matching 2 lay bets. Happy Days.

But it can get even better at times. In a really close race, a 3rd horse may come into the reckoning. This time, Horses Head made a good late showing and was also backed by some one at 1.75. Our lay bet was matched.

Now, if Horses Head, Donkey or Dobbin win, we collect £12.50. If (unlikely) any other horse wins without our 1.75 being matched, we will win £30.00.

The only problem with this system occurs when one horse takes the lead and then goes on to dominate the race, with no one else going close. Suppose that Dobbin took the lead and then accelerated on without tiring. He would be the only lay bet matched and you would lose £7.50 on the race.

The benefit of the system is that you always know your maximum liability, because you can only lose one bet. Potentially, you can win many.

To reduce the risk of this, choose races where there are at least 6 runners and there is no very clear favourite. Best to have at least 2 or 3 horses close together in the pre match odds. This indicates that the race should be close and not dominated by 1 horse. Generally, this system works best on flat races too.


Betting on horse racing is something which is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. With so many races to choose from, often up to 30 daily, you will always find betting opportunities. It’s a good idea to use an online betting guide and betting tips before placing your wager but also take time to conduct your own research. With an understanding of the odds and the popular horse racing betting markets, you can employ a betting strategy, such as Dutching, lay the field, or come up with your own method using the tips above. Most importantly however, stick to betting what you can afford and have fun.

NFL Betting and Trading Tips and Strategies

Looking for NFL betting and trading tips and strategies. Want to know about the history and main wagers in NFL betting? You are in the right place. Read on and enjoy learning about the excitement that can be had for online punters with NFL and American Football.

The modern version of football we see being played in the National Football League (NFL) today, has its roots in the game of rugby. On November 6th 1869, Rutgers and Princeton played the first college soccer football game and seven years later, the first rules of American football were written.
NFL betting with Bet MajesticIt wasn’t until 1920 that the NFL was founded and it featured ten teams from a total of four states. There are two teams, all be it with different names (Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals) who remain from the first season of NFL. The rival league, called the American Football League was established in 1960 and become very popular. Both leagues then merged together to form the expanded version on the NFL we see today. It was this which resulted in the creation of the Super Bowl.

NFL Betting History

As with every sport which was enjoyed by the masses, betting on NFL games soon became common place. However, it is illegal to have a betting operation in the USA, other than within Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana. Therefore, illegal bookies would take bets on NFL games but the need for these has greatly diminished thanks to the arrival of online betting.
Online NFL betting is still a grey area in the USA but there are no such problems in other countries around the world, where betting is legal. Betting on the NFL is very popular and continues to grow, with NFL betting tips and NFL betting strategies improving all the time. However, before looking at NFL betting strategies and tips, we need to look at how to bet on NFL.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

Although the NFL is just one league, it is split into different sections during the season. Each part of the season is distinctive and offers various options to punters. When learning how to bet on the NFL, you need to be aware of these different stages to the season.

NFL Preseason

You may think NFL preseason games are not worth looking at but they are, for many reasons. Preseason usually lasts about a month for each team, giving you an extra month of NFL games on which to bet. NFL betting tips will be harder to find during this time because coaches will be looking at different players and key players will be used sparingly. However, by keeping a close eye on all the action, you can spot elements of a teams play, which will come in useful when betting on the Regular season.

NFL Regular Season

This is where the bulk of the NFL action takes place during a season. There are 256 games played in total and each team plays the other three teams in their division twice, in addition to four other teams in one other division from each conference. There are also two additional games, which are chosen based on last season’s rankings. With so many games to choose from, the NFL regular season is one of the best times for using NFL betting tips.

NFL Playoffs

nfl betting on the playoffsWith twelve teams having made it through to the NFL playoffs, all games are now played on a knockout basis, which is very exciting for betting. There are three rounds of knockout games, culminating in the AFC and NFC Championship. The winners of these two games will progress to the Super Bowl. Having used the preseason to learn how to bet on the NFL, by this point you will be well up to speed and the playoffs are a great time for NFL betting.

Super Bowl

nfl betting on the Super Bowl with bet majestic The Super Bowl is the biggest single sports betting event of the year for both Las Vegas sports books and online betting sites. It’s possible to bet on anything and everything when it comes to the Super Bowl, including the coin toss, the length of the Star-Spangled Banner and who the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) thanks first in his speech. Fortunately, all the usual NFL betting markets are also available and you can expect to find plenty of NFL betting strategies and tips online. In may people’s view, the Super Bowl is the worlds biggest annual sporting event. This may be true, depending on which sports you follow and which country you come from.

The Main NFL Betting Markets

The NFL is massive, not only in the USA but the world and online bookmakers offer a great selection of betting markets for punters to enjoy. When starting to bet on NFL, it’s a good idea to stick to the popular NFL betting markets, including:
Moneyline – Simply choose which team you think will win the game
Match Spread – A handicap bet where the bookmaker will offer the team expected to lose a points advantage and the team expected to win a points disadvantage. This will make the odds for both teams the same, a little under evens.
Total Points – The bookmaker will give a points total for both teams combined and you can bet on over or under that number.
How Many Touchdowns in a Game – The total number of touchdowns in a game.
Conference Winner – Select which team you think will win either the AFC or NFC Conference
Super Bowl Outright – Choose the team you believe will win the Super Bowl.
Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Which players will win the Regular season and Super Bowl MVP award?

NFL Betting Strategies

As with all sports, the key to betting successfully on the NFL lies in finding good value bets. There are no NFL betting systems in place, which will guarantee you make money, despite what some of them claim. Instead, you must check the NFL betting tips provided by experts and implement your own NFL betting strategies, including the ones highlighted below.


There is a wealth of information available for the NFL and you must use it, if you want to stand any chance of making a profit when betting on the sport. Look at the form of the two teams involved in the game you are betting on and decide which team, using the statistics, are favourites. Go one further and assign a handicap to the teams, as this will help you decide what to do when betting on the spread. For example, if you believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will win by 7 points and the bookies offer 3, you can back them with confidence.

Important Numbers

Note in the NFL betting example above, we used the numbers 7 and 3. These numbers were not selected at random. Records show there are three common winning margins in the NFL and these are 3 points, 7 points and 10 points, in that order. It’s important to keep these in mind and understand the difference between 2.5 and 3.5 points when betting the spread.

If the Pittsburgh Steelers are given a +3.5 spread, the .5 they are given above the 3 point margin is significant due to the number of games which finish with a 3 point margin. A .5 margin above 5 points or 8 points is much less significant because of the small number of games which finish within this margin.

This information may take a little time to digest but it’s vital to your NFL betting strategy.

Home Team Advantage

Teams playing on their home field in the NFL are traditionally worth an extra 3 point advantage and this is often reflected in the bookmakers spread. If you see a team who are playing at home with a -3 point spread, essentially the bookmaker thinks the teams are even in terms of ability. The home team are given the -3 based on the fact they are home and it’s important to consider this for your NFL betting strategy.
You can use this information to decide if a spread bet is good value. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing Green Bay Packers at home and the spread is Pittsburgh -4.5, you can flip the venue using the 6 point swing between the 3 point advantage for home teams and 3 point disadvantage for away teams. Therefore, if this match was being played at Green Bay, Pittsburgh Steelers would be -1.5 at the spread.
This is a great NFL betting tip which you can apply to your NFL betting strategy to discover if a bet has value.

Recovering A Bad Loss

During the regular NFL season, some teams will suffer big defeats and when they do, the betting markets tend to overreact, especially when they play their next away game. The points spread will be larger than usual but statistics show teams coming off a loss of 14 points or more have a success rate of over 50% against the spread in the next away match. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you see a team suffer a big defeat before travelling for their next game. They may well be worth backing for a victory next time out once they have had time to lick their wounds?


With the NFL stretching from the start of September through to February, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in betting during the season. From preseason games, to the regular season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl, there are different aspects of the NFL season to enjoy and plenty of markets on which to bet.
Put the NFL betting strategies and tips into practice and they will help you when learning how to bet on NFL. Most of all, bet within your limits and have fun when betting the NFL. As with all of the betting strategies that you have mentioned, we recommend that you test them on paper first, before committing any of your own money to the bet.

Successful Tennis Trading Strategies to win

Wondering what the most successful tennis trading strategies are? Wonder how you can be more consistent with tennis betting? You are in the right place. Read on for some great tennis systems.

Tennis is a hugely popular sport in the betting world and it’s easy to see why.  To the casual observer, there are many ATP and WTA tournaments played throughout the year and every sports fan knows of the Grand Slam tournaments.  However, with Challenger events taking place across the globe, on a regular basis, it’s possible to participate in tennis trading or betting throughout the year, at all times of the day.

A Brief History

It’s very difficult to trace back the history of tennis betting and exactly when it first started to take place.  However, there is an interesting theory which links tennis and betting together from a very early time and it relates to the scoring method used.

In the middle ages, the number 60 was very important in France and the scoring system of tennis was based on this number, divided by four, which produced the other points used, which are 15, 30 and 40.  However, as several sports was used for betting purposes in the middle ages and in Germany there were laws preventing bets being placed over 60 ‘deniers’, it is though the scoring system was linked to this.

In addition, there was a French coin in circulation at the time called ‘gros denier tournois’ which was worth 15 deniers.  So it is thought they might be using this to bet per point, up to a total of 60.  It’s an interesting theory and shows how deep the potential link between tennis and betting really is.

tennis betting with bet majestic

Popular tennis events for betting and trading

As mentioned above, there are plenty of tennis events on which to bet throughout the calendar year.  Some are more popular than others and if you are just starting out on your adventure of tennis betting, here are some of the most popular events on which to bet.

  • Australian Open – takes place every January in Melbourne. The first “major” of the year
  • French Open – played on the famous clay courts of Roland Garros in Paris every June
  • Wimbledon – grass court tournament, played in London during June and July
  • US Open – the American major, played in Flushing Meadow, New York during September each year
  • ATP Tour Finals – the world’s top 16 male players compete in this end of year tournament in London in November
  • WTA Tour Finals – the top women compete in Singapore during October at the close of the annual season
  • Davis Cup – Year round competition where the players represent their countries
  • ATP Indian Wells Masters – the first of 9 ATP masters events takes place during March each year
  • ATP Miami Open – another leading ATP event where nearly all the top players will compete
  • Olympic Games – Olympic gold is now one of the most sought after medals for tennis pros, taking place every 4 years

The events above cover the four Grand Slam tournaments, the season ending finals of both the ATP and WTA Tours, the Davis Cup which is an international team event, standalone tournaments on the ATP and WTA Tour and the Olympic Games.  You will find the greatest choice of tennis trading markets available during these events.

Tennis Betting Rules

Before moving on to highlight some of the best tennis betting markets, tennis trading systems and good tennis betting strategy, it’s important to gain an understanding of tennis betting rules.

Tennis betting rules can differ by bookmaker but player retirement is the most common one to look out for.

Player Retirement

Regardless of what market you have bet on, player retirement can have an impact on your bet.  For example, with match betting, some bookmakers will never refund a bet after the first point of a match has been played, regardless of player retirement.  Other bookmakers will refund bets in this instance, whereas some will differ depending on how many sets have been played.  Always check the tennis betting rules of the bookmaker you are using before placing bets, whichever market you are betting on to avoid losing your stake in these situations.

The Main Tennis Betting Markets

As with many sports, the introduction of online betting has seen a significant increase in the number of tennis betting markets available.  Here are some of the most popular markets to get you started with your tennis trading:

Match Betting

This simply involves betting on the player you believe will win a specific match.  So, if Andy Murray was playing Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon, you would select one of these players to win the match and place your bet on that player.  The same principle applies to doubles matches.

Tournament Winner

This is another straight forward tennis betting market and involves picking the winner of the whole tournament.  For example, you could back Serena Williams to win the US Open but all she must do is lose one match for your bet to be over.

Set Winner

This market is set specific and allows you to bet on the player you believe will win the next set or the current one, if betting live in-play.

Number of Sets

How many sets do you think there will be in this match?  Are the players involved closely matched, meaning it could be a three or five set match or will one of them cruise through in straight sets?  This is an interesting market for tennis betting.

Most Aces

This market is as straight forward as it sounds.  Which player do you believe will serve the most aces in a match.

Over/Under Totals

Here you can bet on the total number of games played during a match.  Bookmakers will set a total and you must bet on whether you believe the total amount of games played will be over or under this number.

Tennis betting systems

Before going into a few tennis betting systems you can use, there are a few things you need to remember when betting on tennis.  Tennis betting strategy not only involves choosing the best events and markets to bet on, it also involves studying information.  The following three examples are key principles you should follow when betting on tennis and they will help to increase your winnings.

Head-to-Head Records

Always check the head-to-head records between the two players before placing your bet.  This information is available for free online and will allow you to spot trends between players.  Look at recent results, if one player has defeated the other consistently over the past two years, it is clear they have the edge.

Playing Surface

Some players prefer playing on specific surfaces.  They simply perform better in tournaments which are played on one surface than any other.  Rafael Nadal is a good example of this as although he has won all four Grand Slam events he is best on clay and this becomes clear with his nine French Open titles

Schedule and Motivation

During the tennis season, players travel the world and play in numerous events.  There may come a time when they need to prioritise a tournament over another and this sees them eliminated earlier than expected.  If a less prestigious event is taking place just before or after a Grand Slam, the top players may not perform to their highest level and this is worth keeping in mind when tennis betting.

Tennis Trading System

For those who like to have a system to follow when betting, tennis is a great sport because there are some excellent tennis trading systems to employ.  Below are examples of three great tennis trading systems you can use when betting on tennis.

YoYo Method

yo yo tennis trading strategiesThis is a good tennis trading system but you must have self-control when using it.  This system is often used in the second set of a match and comes into play when the favourite for the match has lost the first set.  When a top player loses the first set, there is a good chance they are going to bounce back and claim the second set, so place your bets on that player as soon as the first set has closed out.  This happens more often than you might think.  However, it cannot be used on every match and you need to be selective and watch the match live for the best results.  This is true whenever you are tennis trading.

Breaking Back Method

This tennis trading system focuses on the first break serve in a match.  So again, it is best if you are watching the match live when employing this strategy.  Once the first break in the match has occurred, you can back the player who has forced the break.  Once the odds for this player to win have dropped, which they will, you can then place a lay bet (back against them) on a betting exchange, such as Betfair.  You need to have access to a good live feed for this strategy as timing is of the essence and if you are watching coverage which is delayed by a few seconds, it could be costly.  However, when used correctly, this tennis trading technique is one of the best due to the lack of risk involved.  Essentially, the worst thing that can happen is no one matches your bet but in that instance, you will not lose anything. However, as with all trading, you should not leave your trade open for long. You should close your trade quickly, because odds can move up fast too and you need to cover your losses to protect your trading bank if necessary.

Laying the Favourite

This tennis trading system involves laying the favourite before the match has started.  Make your bet just before it starts and if the underdog makes some game points and takes the lead, this is when the odds for the favourite will begin to lengthen.  Once you are happy with the potential profit you will make, you can back the favourite and enjoy your winnings.  There will be times when the favourite wins some game points early in the match and you will be forced to exit the trade with a loss.  However, the amount you will lose is offset by the amount you can win in the long-term. This tennis trading strategy is best used when you think that a favourite is just coming back from injury, may not be all that interested in the tournament or is playing a young pretender with something to prove.

These are examples of three basic tennis trading systems but should still be used with caution by beginners.  Take time to become familiar with trading on betting exchanges before you start tennis trading in this way. It is also worthwhile using paper trading (practising without actually placing money) on your first few trades before you actually get involved.


Tennis is regarded as one of the best sports for betting and trading.  There are always matches available on which to bet throughout the year.  There is a great choice of markets available, live streaming of hundreds of matches and a wealth of statistics to help you with your tennis betting.  With several tennis trading strategies available for you to employ, you will never be short of ways to make a good profit when betting on tennis.


The Best Value Betting Lesson for Online Punters

Everyone wants good value don’t they? Value betting is the answer to this dilemma. Read on for the best value betting lesson

When you buy something for your house or when you place a bet, it is always important to get value for the money that you are spending. In fact, the only really sure way to make long term profits through online sports betting is to make sure that you get value in your bets. This is the best way for anyone to beat the bookies

Value is the key to making good profits in the long term and should never be ignored.

That is why we created the Bet Majestic Value Calculator – (scroll down for more information.)

What is value betting?

value betting with bet majestic and van goghValue is when you are able to get something for less than it is actually worth. Imagine that you are an expert in antiques and you find a picture that is on sale for £500.00.

However, you know that you would be able to resell the picture for £750.00.

This means that there is clearly value in the picture, because you could sell it for more than you paid for it and make a good profit.

The fact that you have experience and knowledge about the likely prices is the key here. Your knowledge is what allows you to determine whether value exists.

If you did not know what you could sell the picture for, it would not be a wise purchase, because you would be taking a risk without any proper knowledge. This would not be a value buy.

How does value betting work?

The same principles apply to getting the odds in sports betting.  The true value of a sporting event is expressed by the probability of the outcome actually occurring.

This means that the odds offered by the bookmakers are related to the probability of an event happening (plus a mark up to help ensure profit for the bookmaker).

Therefore, if you can get odds higher than the odds indicated by the probability (the ‘correct’ odds), then you have found a good value bet.

How to calculate the value in a bet

The simplest bet is flipping a coin. There are 2 possible outcomes – heads or tails and the chances of each out come are the same – 50%. Matters like form, home or away fixtures or whether a key player is missing do not affect the result. It is always 50% chance of either outcome.

First of all, you calculate the correct odds by dividing 100 by the chance of the outcome.

In the coin-flipping example, the chances of heads are 50%.

Therefore, 100/50 = 2. The correct odds are 2.00. If you are able to get odds higher than 2, you are getting good value. If you get odds less than 2, you do not have good value.

Suppose that you are able to get odds of 2.20 on heads. That would imply a chance of the event happening of 45% (100/2.2=45).

We know that the actual likelihood is 50%, so you are able to buy the odds at a value of 5%. It is like when we bought the painting knowing that it was worth more than the asking price.

Does the bet have value?

In order to know whether a bet has value, then we need to know how to calculate the probability and value.

It is simple. The probability is 100 divided by the odds offered. So if the odds offered are 3.0, the calculation is 100 / 3 = 33.3% probability of the event happening according to the bookmaker.

If you estimate that the true chance of the result happening is greater than 33.3%, then you have found good value.

The formula for calculating value is:

Odds offered by bookmaker x your predicted percentage chance / 100.

If the result is greater then 1.0, then you have found value.

Suppose that you thought the chances of the result in the example above were 40%, the calculation is as follows:

3.0 x 40 / 100 = 1.2

As the answer is greater than 1, we have managed to find value and this represents a good bet for many online punters. Others will have a different attitude to risk, and will want to look for even greater value to reduce the risk of losing.

There are many variables in searching for value, but this shows that value is linked to probability and does not mean that simply betting on high odds is the way to make money betting. Sometimes odds of 1.5 can represent good value and odds of 10 may represent bad value, even though they would produce a great return if it actually won.

Punters need to perfect their analysis of bets by being as accurate as they can in relation to their predictions.

These will be affected by a variety of issues like form, injuries, location of the match or race etc.

As well as using your own knowledge and experience, make use of prediction sites like Statarea and FC Stats for football. The community of users on OLBG offer excellent prediction statistics for many other sports.

There are obviously many other great ways of finding out about the likely results of sports by studying reports from BBC, Sky, Racing Post and others.

value betting and bbc sports

BBC Sport is a great source of value betting statistics


Final words about Value Betting

Please don’t think that if one of your value bet selections loses, the bet did not have value. A punter has to know that not all bets can be winning bets and the key factor is to regularly choose good value in your picks. This will mean that, over time, assuming that your prediction of results is reasonable, you will make more from your online betting.

Making Money with Matched Betting and Bonus Bagging

Are you looking for a way to make money with betting systems that really is guaranteed?

You are in the right place! Read on for details of how you can be certain of winning with matched betting and bonus bagging.

Part of the thrill when betting on sport is taking a risk with your money and seeing it pay off and win you profit.  You have looked at all the statistics, followed the tips from experts, completed your own research and found the best odds.  Having placed your money on your selection, you wait with great anticipation, to see if your bet is a winner.  The excitement and adrenaline kicks in and come the end of the event, you are either celebrating your win or commiserating yourself on your loss.

Now, imagine there was a way you could guarantee you will win money on every bet you place.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  What a great feeling it would be to beat the bookie every time you place a bet.  Thanks to matched betting, it is possible, using free bets and bonus offers, to ensure you make a profit when betting on sport.  Read on to find out more about this exciting technique.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is not new and has been on the gambling scene for several years.  It has been featured in some of the UK’s most popular newspapers, such as The Telegraph and The Guardian.  In its basic form, Matched Betting is a mathematical system which uses free bets and bonuses from bookmakers, to make risk-free profit.

Matched betting and bonus bagging with bet majestic

Daily Telegraph

Do not allow the fact maths is involved to put you off, it is very straight forward and there are tools available which will help you.  Matched betting, also known in some circles as bonus bagging, requires you to start off with some money in the bank to place bets with, but this can be anything from £50 upwards.  You do not need a large sum to start.

To place a matched bet and beat the bookies, you will need to use a standard bookmaker and a betting exchange.  A standard bookmaker is one which you will have seen in your high street or online, such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Bet365.  Betting exchanges are similar but work in a slightly different way and they are the key to matched betting.

Betting Exchange

A betting exchange, such as Betfair, Matchbook or Smarkets, is a place where users can bet against each other and the exchange takes a small commission. It is usually no more than 5%, but always check, as you will need this information later.  You can be the backer or the layer.  For example, one person may feel Real Madrid are not going to win the Champions League this season and chooses to place a lay bet on the exchange.  You believe Real Madrid have a good chance of winning it, so you back that persons bet at the odds they have chosen.  They are the layer, you are the backer.

If Real Madrid win the Champions League, you will be paid your winnings by the person who made the lay bet.  However, if they do not win it, you will lose your stake and the other person will get to keep it.

So, as you can see from this example, a lay bet is one where we bet something will not happen, as opposed to a back bet, which is when we bet that something will happen.

Decimal Odds

A further key ingredient when matched betting, is decimal odds.  You may be used to seeing fractional odds when placing your normal bets but when matched betting, you should use decimal odds.  Every good online bookmaker and betting exchange will allow you to change their odds from fractional to decimal and this can usually be done using a menu at the top of the website.  Examples of decimals odds include 3.45 and 3.90 and as you can see, they are very easy to compare.  Not only that but it is easy to work out potential winnings using decimal odds.  If you place a back bet of £10 on odds of 7.00, you will receive £70, including your stake of £10, which makes £60 profit.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at an example of a matched bet and see how it works.

How Matched Betting Works

To attract new customers or keep current ones using their website, bookmakers offer free bets and bonuses.  To obtain the free bet or bonus, you will usually be required to place a bet of a specified amount on an event.  For example, William Hill will give you a free bet of £20 if you place a bet of £20 on Manchester United vs Liverpool.

Let’s break this down and show you step by step, how you can place a matched bet using this offer.

  1. You must place a £20 back bet on the match, to earn the qualifying bet. Manchester United are 2.0 to win the match and your return is £40, including your stake, meaning £20 profit.
  2. Next, you need to place a £20 lay bet on Manchester United at the betting exchange at odds of 2.0. You will lose £20 to the backer, if you Manchester United win the match.
  3. Wait for the outcome of the match. As you have covered all outcomes, whatever the result, you will break even and claim your free £20 bet at William Hill.
  4. You can then use your free bet, to do what is essentially the same process but use bigger odds to extract the greatest profit possible.

How to Calculate a Bet and Find Closely Matched Odds

As you can see from the example above, you want to find the highest, most closely matched odds to make the most profit from your matched bet.  To save you from having to search through thousands of odds to find them, you can use an odds matcher, which will do this for you.  The bigger the odds the most more money you must place in your betting exchange but the greater the profit you will make.

Having found well matched, big odds, such as 10 on William Hill for Swansea to win at Chelsea and lay odds of 10.5 at Betfair, you can place your free £20 bet at William Hill.  However, you still need to work out the amount you need to lay at Betfair and this is extremely important.

To calculate a bet, you will require a matched betting calculator and again, these can be found for free online.  Simply input the back stake and back odds into the appropriate fields on the calculator, which in this example are £20 and 10.0.  Next, input the lay odds into the appropriate field on the calculator, plus the amount of commission the betting exchange is taking and this will give you the required stake for your lay bet and most importantly, the total profit you are guaranteed to make.

The process of matched betting may seem a little confusing at first but it is very straightforward and once you have completed it a few times, it becomes much easier.  You will beat the bookie every time, simply by using free bets and bonuses.


Matched betting takes all the risk away from betting on sport.  As you can see from the examples above, using the method guarantees you make money from bookmakers free bet and bonus offers.  You need to be a member of a betting exchange and there may be a few new terms you need to understand but it does not take long to pick these up.

If you are struggling with how to calculate a bet or simply do not have the time to try and find the best odds and work it out yourself, you can sign up for one of the membership websites mentioned above.

Matched betting is proven to make risk free money and with new offers being introduced by bookmakers daily, you can take full advantage of this great sports betting system.