Cricket betting and trading strategies

Looking for cricket betting and trading strategies? Want to beat the bookies with some cricket betting?

Whether it be Pakistan vs India, Kent vs Somerset or Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide Strikers, you will find great betting opportunities on many professional cricket matches around the world. Every form of the game is covered by the bookmakers from Test Matches, One Day games and Twenty20 cricket but how did cricket betting first come to prominence?

A Brief History

You must go back to the 1600’s to find the first signs of cricket betting and it’s thought betting on cricket was the reason behind the Gaming Act 1664, which limited betting the amount one could stake to £100. This may not seem like a large amount of money today but in fact, it’s the equivalent of over £10,000 in today’s money and goes to show just how popular cricket betting was, even back then.

Things have changed drastically since and rather than having to bet on matches at the ground the match is being played, it’s now possible to take part in online cricket betting. This has opened the world of cricket betting to everyone and with so many exciting markets to choose from, millions of punters worldwide are trying to beat the bookies.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

With so many cricket matches taking place across the globe, a day doesn’t go by without a betting opportunity. However, there are several competitions which are worth following when cricket betting because they offer the biggest choice of betting markets. This means, you have the greatest choice of events on which to bet during the match. The cricket events to look out for include:

The list of events above, covers all forms of the game, so whether you are a fan of Test Match Cricket, One Day Internationals, Twenty20 Cricket or County Cricket, there is something there for you. You are guaranteed a great choice of markets on all these events and the individual matches within them.

The Main Cricket Betting Markets

The introduction of online cricket betting has seen a significant increase in the number of cricket betting markets available. This is partly due to live betting being introduced, which allows punters to bet on even the smallest detail, such as the outcome of the first delivery a new batsman will face when arriving at the crease. However, when you are getting started with cricket betting, it is best to use the basic betting markets first.

Cricket betting onlineMatch Betting

This is the simplest way to bet on cricket. It involves betting on which team you believe will win the match. So, if England are playing South Africa and you think England will win, you will place your bet on England. It is very straight forward but when you are trying to beat the bookies using match betting, be aware that some will only pay out after a specific number of overs have been completed, so keep this in mind.

Outright/Series Winner

This cricket betting market is designed for you to pick the team you believe will win the tournament or series they are contesting. It could be the Ashes Series of Test Matches or the Indian Premier League for example. Obviously, there are only two teams to choose from when selecting the winner of the Ashes Series whereas there are a lot more in the Indian Premier League.

Top Bowler

As the name suggests, this cricket betting market involves choosing the player you think will finish as the top bowler. You can predict which player will finish with the most wickets in a match, tournament or series.

Top Batsman

This is like the top bowler market mentioned above and you must predict which player will finish an innings, match, series or tournament with the most runs. Both this and the top bowler market can offer better odds than match betting and keep the excitement going throughout the match, tournament or series, even if the team you bet on to win is losing. To make money on the top batsman market, keep a close eye on the match as the odds change quickly and there are often cash out opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Live Betting

When watching cricket live inside the stadium or on television, you will see bookmaker offers being flashed in-front of you and many of these involve live betting. With online cricket betting proving so popular, bookmakers were forced to introduce new and innovative ways to bet on cricket and live betting allowed them to do this. There are several betting markets to choose from, with the most popular being the following:

Method of Dismissal

This market is deigned to predict the way the next wicket will fall in a match. Will the batsman be bowled out, caught out, given LBW, stumped or run-out?

Runs from Next Delivery

Thanks to online cricket betting, it is now possible to place a bet on every delivery during a match. This is strongly discouraged as it will lead to big losses if continually used but can be fun for the occasional bet. All you must do is predict the number of runs which will be scored from the next delivery. This is not a market that we recommend, because it is purely guesswork. No one can have any inkling how many runs will be scored from the next delivery. This market caused a lot of controversy in the cricket match fixing scandal, which led many to believe that cricket betting was a scam. This is not the case and happily, match fixing is extremely difficult. Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy is a wonderful description of the world of match fixing and the illegal bookmaking industry.

Total Batsman Runs

When a new batsman comes to the crease, you can bet on whether they will score above or below a given number or runs during their innings. This bet must be placed before they face their first delivery and cannot be changed after it. Always look for a batsman who is on good form and a bowling attack that is below par when making this bet.

Handicap Betting

This is useful when two teams come together and one has a distinct advantage over the other. For example, if India were playing Zimbabwe at home, the Indians would be considered as strong favourites but it’s not as easy to implement handicap betting on a cricket match, as it is other sports. Therefore, handicap betting in cricket is usually reserved for the second innings of a restricted overs match, when a team is attempting to overcome a specific number of runs.

Cricket Trading Strategies

With a sound knowledge of the cricket betting markets available online, you can start looking at potential cricket trading strategies, which will help you when placing your bets.

Bookmaker Offers

The first thing to consider are bookmaker offers. This is not a strategy as such but if you want to beat the bookies, search for any bookmaker offers relating to cricket. The best time to do this is when big tournaments are being played or when you first sign up at bookmaker’s website. Many online bookmakers will offer you a free bet when signing up to their website and you can use this for your cricket betting.


If there is one thing cricket is famous for, it’s statistics. Even when playing at village level, every ball bowled is recorded in the book. There is a wealth of cricket information available for free online and you should use it before placing bets. For example, if you are considering betting on the top batsman market during a One Day International, check which players are in form with the bat. Furthermore, check if there are any batsman who enjoy playing at the ground the match is being played. If someone has a great record when playing at a specific ground, they could be worth backing, even if they have been out of form. Its opportunities like this, which present the best odds and potentially, the greatest winnings.

Pitch Conditions

The way a cricket pitch is prepared can have a significant impact on what happens during the match. Listen to the pitch report, which will always be given before a live televised match, as this will give some insight as to how the pitch is going to play. Does this pitch usually favour batsmen, fast bowlers or spin bowlers? Has the wicket been prepared to suit the strengths of the home team? All this information is available and will give you the edge when attempting to beak the bookies.

Bet After the First Innings

When betting on 40 and 50 over matches, it can be difficult to predict what a good run total is until at least half-way through the first innings of the match. Concentrate on the innings runs market during this period of play and analyse the way the wicket is playing. Having done that, you can form a strong idea on what is going to happen in the second innings and place your bet accordingly.

Twenty20 Specific

When attempting to beat the bookies using cricket trading strategies, one of the best forms of the game to do this, is Twenty20 cricket. Due to the nature of this form of cricket, teams try and hit as many boundaries as possible, all the way through their innings. This does not happen in any other form of cricket and can result in high batting totals or low batting totals, which can be backed at very good odds before a match starts. Study past results at the grounds at which the match is being played and bet high or low depending on this information and current form of the teams and players.

Lay both sides in a Twenty20 Match

You need to be signed up for with Betfair or Betdaq to use the Lay both sides strategy. Before the match starts, look for 2 teams who are considered to be reasonably equal. Lay them both for around 1.75. You might not get matched straight away, but in most Twenty20 matches, each team have their good moments where their odds fall dramatically, even if it is just temporary. This is especially true after a wicket or a few boundaries. Once both teams have matched, your card will “green up” and you are guaranteed to beat the bookies who ever wins.

Assume there is a match between England and South Africa and you lay £100 at 1.75 on each team. Once matched, you have a liability of £75 to pay out when 1 team wins, but you will receive £100 when the other team loses. Therefore you are certain of being £25 to the good.


Cricket trading strategies are easy to implement, if you are prepared to spend time using the information available to you on the internet. Online cricket betting is great fun and can make you a nice little profit, if done sensibly and using the markets and strategies discussed above. Remember to always set yourself a limit before you start cricket betting and stick to it. This will ensure you have a long and successful cricket betting experience.C

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