Golf Betting and Trading Strategies for success

Looking for tips and advice on Golf betting and trading? Read on for the background on golf betting and some great strategies.

Is there any better sound in sport than a driver coming into contact perfectly with a golf ball, sending it down the middle of the fairway?

Golf is a majestic sport and a game very much like it, can be traced back to the Netherlands in 1297, making it one of the oldest sports on the planet. However, the sport of golf we see today, has its roots in Scotland and was first referenced in Scottish history in 1457, as being a distraction from archery practice for military personnel.

It’s unclear when betting on golf started, but with the spread of golf around the world, it soon became very popular and tournaments were being contested amongst the best players.

Modern golf is a multimillion pound industry and the best professional players earn huge money by winning tournaments on the PGA and European Tour. Golf betting has also grown and it’s now possible to bet on any professional golf event taking place thanks to online betting. The choice of markets available on which to bet continue to expand and new and innovative ways to bet on golf are being introduced regularly, which keeps things very exciting for those who love to bet on the sport. It’s possible to bet on anything, from who will win the Open Championship to which player will get a hole in one.

With golf being played for 12 months a year, you can guarantee to find something on which to bet and there are some great events on which to stake your money.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

The most popular golf events on which to bet are no doubt the four major tournaments. These take place between April and August every calendar year, with three being staged in America and one in the United Kingdom.

golf betting at the mastersThe Masters

This is the first major golf tournament of the year and is played in April, at the Augusta National, Georgia. The Masters is considered by many to be the most prestigious golf event of the year and is the only one to be played at the same course annually. Therefore, you can find plenty of relevant statistical information about this event, which relates to both the tournament and the course and this makes it a great tournament on which to bet.

golf betting at the us open 2017US Open

The second major of the year, the US Open, is perhaps the most difficult tournament for the players, as the course is often set-up to be very difficult. The rough is often thick and difficult to escape from, which makes accuracy off the tee an important factor to consider. Look at the players who have good driving accuracy before placing a bet on this event.

Golf Betting at the British OpenOpen Championship

The third major of the year, the Open, is the oldest of all four and the only to be staged outside of the USA. Although the tournament is rotated around several venues, it is always played on a links course, near the coast and this presents its own challenges. The weather conditions can be very testing so take this into account when betting, as players who do well in the wind may have an advantage.

Golf betting at the US PGAUSPGA Championship

The final major of the year sees the world’s top players return to the USA and this event often sees players win with low scores compared to many other tournaments. A look at the statistics for winners between 2012 and 2016, shows a score of 10 under or lower being required to win the tournament. Indeed, in 2015 Jason Day finished 20 under par.

Outside of the four majors, there are PGA and European Tour events taking place almost every week and these are also great for betting.

The Main Golf Betting Markets

Tournaments such as the four mentioned above, will have the greatest choice of betting markets available. You can also add the Ryder Cup to that list, which is a team tournament contested between the United States and Europe. There are many markets to choose from when betting on golf but as a beginner, it is best to start with the following:

  • Tournament Winner – Which player you do believe will win the tournament?
  • Each Way Betting – Do you think a player has a good chance of winning but may just fall short? This will pay out even if the player you have backed comes second or third*
  • Top 10 Finish – This involves backing a player to finish in the top 10 come the end of the tournament.
  • First Round Leader – Who will go into the clubhouse as the leader after the first round is complete?
  • Top Nationality – What will be the nationality of the winner or which country will have the most players in the top 10?
  • Hole in One – Will there be a hole in one during the tournament?

*If betting each way, make sure you know the rules of the bookmaker you are using, as not all bookmakers will pay out for the same number of places. For example, some will pay out if your player finishes fourth whereas others will only pay out to third place, so always check this before placing your bet.

Tips to Help Betting on Golf

There are a few things you can do, which will help you when betting on golf. They are very straightforward and will give you the edge when deciding on which players to bet in the next tournament.

Player Form

Following the form of players will give you the best chance of picking the winner of the next tournament. Which players have been finishing inside the top 10 in recent tournaments? If the player you are considering to back to win the tournament has failed to finish inside the top 20 of the previous five events, this is a good indicator you should be looking to stake your money elsewhere.

Course Form

Some players enjoy playing at specific venues more than others. Most golf courses on the PGA and European Tour have been used many times before. Check the history of which players have performed well on each course, as this can give you great insight as to who will be feeling confident going into the tournament. Different players also prefer different styles of golf course, so always keep this in mind when betting on golf.

Inexperienced Players

It’s best to stay away from inexperienced players when betting on golf. Winning a first tournament on the PGA Tour is a massive moment in the career of every golfer and the pressure is huge. Winning a PGA Tour event guarantees a place on the tour and allows players to relax, whereas for those who haven’t, the pressure is different and therefore their odds are high. You will be tempted to back inexperienced players based on their odds but when you find yourself about to place the bet always remember, their odds are that high for a reason and backing them will only see you lose money in the long term.

Golf Trading Strategies

For beginners, golf trading can seem quite daunting but having seen an example, you will soon realise how easy and enjoyable it can be. Golf trading involves using both a bookmaker, such as William Hill, or betting exchange, such as Betfair, backing a golfer at a certain price and laying him (betting against him) later in the tournament, at a different price. The outcome being either a profit or a free bet.

Golf Trading Example

Adam Scott is playing at a golf course on which he has enjoyed success in the past and is set to go out early in the first round. He is on offer at 24.0 and if he starts well, this is only going to drop so we place a £50 bet on him to win the tournament, with a potential £1200 profit if he wins.

He makes a great start and his odds shorten to 4.0 at the end of the round. We can now lay against him using the same stake of £50, which leaves us with a liability of £200 if he wins. This £200 will come out of the £1,200 if he does win, leaving us with £1,000 total profit.

Green Screen

From here, we are presented with another option, known as Green Screen, which will allow us to win an equal amount of money, regardless of who wins the tournament. To do this, we need to divide up the £1,000 potential profit by the odds of 4.0, which is £200. You can lay Adam Scott for £200 and whatever the outcome of the tournament, you are guaranteed to win £200.


Golf trading strategies may seem a little overwhelming to begin with so perhaps the best thing to do, is to become familiar with the game first. Making use of an experienced tipster is also a very good idea. Place several dummy bets before one of the big tournaments, such as the Masters and follow each of them through, exactly like the example above and keep a record of what you did and the outcome. Having completed this a few times, you will have the confidence to do it for real. Don’t forget to use the tips above when selecting your bets, as these will give you the best chance of finding good value and making the most profit from your golf betting and trading.

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