Successful Tennis Trading Strategies to win

Wondering what the most successful tennis trading strategies are? Wonder how you can be more consistent with tennis betting? You are in the right place. Read on for some great tennis systems.

Tennis is a hugely popular sport in the betting world and it’s easy to see why.  To the casual observer, there are many ATP and WTA tournaments played throughout the year and every sports fan knows of the Grand Slam tournaments.  However, with Challenger events taking place across the globe, on a regular basis, it’s possible to participate in tennis trading or betting throughout the year, at all times of the day.

A Brief History

It’s very difficult to trace back the history of tennis betting and exactly when it first started to take place.  However, there is an interesting theory which links tennis and betting together from a very early time and it relates to the scoring method used.

In the middle ages, the number 60 was very important in France and the scoring system of tennis was based on this number, divided by four, which produced the other points used, which are 15, 30 and 40.  However, as several sports was used for betting purposes in the middle ages and in Germany there were laws preventing bets being placed over 60 ‘deniers’, it is though the scoring system was linked to this.

In addition, there was a French coin in circulation at the time called ‘gros denier tournois’ which was worth 15 deniers.  So it is thought they might be using this to bet per point, up to a total of 60.  It’s an interesting theory and shows how deep the potential link between tennis and betting really is.

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Popular tennis events for betting and trading

As mentioned above, there are plenty of tennis events on which to bet throughout the calendar year.  Some are more popular than others and if you are just starting out on your adventure of tennis betting, here are some of the most popular events on which to bet.

  • Australian Open – takes place every January in Melbourne. The first “major” of the year
  • French Open – played on the famous clay courts of Roland Garros in Paris every June
  • Wimbledon – grass court tournament, played in London during June and July
  • US Open – the American major, played in Flushing Meadow, New York during September each year
  • ATP Tour Finals – the world’s top 16 male players compete in this end of year tournament in London in November
  • WTA Tour Finals – the top women compete in Singapore during October at the close of the annual season
  • Davis Cup – Year round competition where the players represent their countries
  • ATP Indian Wells Masters – the first of 9 ATP masters events takes place during March each year
  • ATP Miami Open – another leading ATP event where nearly all the top players will compete
  • Olympic Games – Olympic gold is now one of the most sought after medals for tennis pros, taking place every 4 years

The events above cover the four Grand Slam tournaments, the season ending finals of both the ATP and WTA Tours, the Davis Cup which is an international team event, standalone tournaments on the ATP and WTA Tour and the Olympic Games.  You will find the greatest choice of tennis trading markets available during these events.

Tennis Betting Rules

Before moving on to highlight some of the best tennis betting markets, tennis trading systems and good tennis betting strategy, it’s important to gain an understanding of tennis betting rules.

Tennis betting rules can differ by bookmaker but player retirement is the most common one to look out for.

Player Retirement

Regardless of what market you have bet on, player retirement can have an impact on your bet.  For example, with match betting, some bookmakers will never refund a bet after the first point of a match has been played, regardless of player retirement.  Other bookmakers will refund bets in this instance, whereas some will differ depending on how many sets have been played.  Always check the tennis betting rules of the bookmaker you are using before placing bets, whichever market you are betting on to avoid losing your stake in these situations.

The Main Tennis Betting Markets

As with many sports, the introduction of online betting has seen a significant increase in the number of tennis betting markets available.  Here are some of the most popular markets to get you started with your tennis trading:

Match Betting

This simply involves betting on the player you believe will win a specific match.  So, if Andy Murray was playing Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon, you would select one of these players to win the match and place your bet on that player.  The same principle applies to doubles matches.

Tournament Winner

This is another straight forward tennis betting market and involves picking the winner of the whole tournament.  For example, you could back Serena Williams to win the US Open but all she must do is lose one match for your bet to be over.

Set Winner

This market is set specific and allows you to bet on the player you believe will win the next set or the current one, if betting live in-play.

Number of Sets

How many sets do you think there will be in this match?  Are the players involved closely matched, meaning it could be a three or five set match or will one of them cruise through in straight sets?  This is an interesting market for tennis betting.

Most Aces

This market is as straight forward as it sounds.  Which player do you believe will serve the most aces in a match.

Over/Under Totals

Here you can bet on the total number of games played during a match.  Bookmakers will set a total and you must bet on whether you believe the total amount of games played will be over or under this number.

Tennis betting systems

Before going into a few tennis betting systems you can use, there are a few things you need to remember when betting on tennis.  Tennis betting strategy not only involves choosing the best events and markets to bet on, it also involves studying information.  The following three examples are key principles you should follow when betting on tennis and they will help to increase your winnings.

Head-to-Head Records

Always check the head-to-head records between the two players before placing your bet.  This information is available for free online and will allow you to spot trends between players.  Look at recent results, if one player has defeated the other consistently over the past two years, it is clear they have the edge.

Playing Surface

Some players prefer playing on specific surfaces.  They simply perform better in tournaments which are played on one surface than any other.  Rafael Nadal is a good example of this as although he has won all four Grand Slam events he is best on clay and this becomes clear with his nine French Open titles

Schedule and Motivation

During the tennis season, players travel the world and play in numerous events.  There may come a time when they need to prioritise a tournament over another and this sees them eliminated earlier than expected.  If a less prestigious event is taking place just before or after a Grand Slam, the top players may not perform to their highest level and this is worth keeping in mind when tennis betting.

Tennis Trading System

For those who like to have a system to follow when betting, tennis is a great sport because there are some excellent tennis trading systems to employ.  Below are examples of three great tennis trading systems you can use when betting on tennis.

YoYo Method

yo yo tennis trading strategiesThis is a good tennis trading system but you must have self-control when using it.  This system is often used in the second set of a match and comes into play when the favourite for the match has lost the first set.  When a top player loses the first set, there is a good chance they are going to bounce back and claim the second set, so place your bets on that player as soon as the first set has closed out.  This happens more often than you might think.  However, it cannot be used on every match and you need to be selective and watch the match live for the best results.  This is true whenever you are tennis trading.

Breaking Back Method

This tennis trading system focuses on the first break serve in a match.  So again, it is best if you are watching the match live when employing this strategy.  Once the first break in the match has occurred, you can back the player who has forced the break.  Once the odds for this player to win have dropped, which they will, you can then place a lay bet (back against them) on a betting exchange, such as Betfair.  You need to have access to a good live feed for this strategy as timing is of the essence and if you are watching coverage which is delayed by a few seconds, it could be costly.  However, when used correctly, this tennis trading technique is one of the best due to the lack of risk involved.  Essentially, the worst thing that can happen is no one matches your bet but in that instance, you will not lose anything. However, as with all trading, you should not leave your trade open for long. You should close your trade quickly, because odds can move up fast too and you need to cover your losses to protect your trading bank if necessary.

Laying the Favourite

This tennis trading system involves laying the favourite before the match has started.  Make your bet just before it starts and if the underdog makes some game points and takes the lead, this is when the odds for the favourite will begin to lengthen.  Once you are happy with the potential profit you will make, you can back the favourite and enjoy your winnings.  There will be times when the favourite wins some game points early in the match and you will be forced to exit the trade with a loss.  However, the amount you will lose is offset by the amount you can win in the long-term. This tennis trading strategy is best used when you think that a favourite is just coming back from injury, may not be all that interested in the tournament or is playing a young pretender with something to prove.

These are examples of three basic tennis trading systems but should still be used with caution by beginners.  Take time to become familiar with trading on betting exchanges before you start tennis trading in this way. It is also worthwhile using paper trading (practising without actually placing money) on your first few trades before you actually get involved.


Tennis is regarded as one of the best sports for betting and trading.  There are always matches available on which to bet throughout the year.  There is a great choice of markets available, live streaming of hundreds of matches and a wealth of statistics to help you with your tennis betting.  With several tennis trading strategies available for you to employ, you will never be short of ways to make a good profit when betting on tennis.

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