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Although baseball is commonly thought of as being an American sport, mainly thanks to the success and popularity of Major League Baseball, research has shown its origins lie elsewhere. In fact, the first known mention of a sport very much like baseball is in a 1744 British publication and the set-up of the field looks like that of the game as it is played today.

Not only did the first version of baseball take place in the United Kingdom, it also featured royalty as the Prince of Wales was player in a match which took place in Surrey in 1749. Even when the game was taken to North America by English immigrants, it was Canada where it first landed, before being taken across to the USA by both British and Irish Canadians. It wasn’t until 1791 that baseball was referenced as being played in the USA and it took until the mid-1800’s for the first modern rules of the game to develop.

As the game become more popular and the National League formed in 1876, players became professional and being a baseball player was a way to make a very good living for yourself. As more money entered the game, gambling started to become wide-spread and enjoyed by many people. As with all sports, baseball betting and trading started to develop quickly and with rise of the internet, it became accessible to millions of people and so, new and interesting markets were established.

Baseball betting and trading has not been without its problems over the years and gambling scandals can be traced back to the 1870’s, when four players were banned from professional baseball for life, having throwing a match for money. Baseball and gambling have a very interesting history and it remains a fun sport on which to bet, with many matches and events to bet on throughout the year.

Popular Events on Which to Bet

There are several baseball events around the world, which are popular when it comes to betting. They include the following:

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Major league baseball


The MLB is the biggest and richest baseball league in the world and features 30 teams from the USA and Canada. Split into two leagues and regional divisions, there are 2,430 baseball games played in the regular season, offering plenty of betting opportunities. From April to November you will find plenty of games on which to bet and baseball betting tips are usually easy to come by online. Many baseball betting strategies, which we will come to later, are tailor made for Major League Baseball.

World Series

This is the finale of the MLB season and features the remaining two teams after the play-offs have been completed. The two teams play in a best of seven series of matches, with the winner going to lift the Commissioner’s Trophy. Again, you will find many baseball betting tips available for this series of games.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

NPL logo


For many years, this was the only professional sports league in Japan and baseball remains the most popular sport in the country, despite the introduction of the professional football league in 1993. The money involved in the NPB is second only to MLB and many players from the USA and Canada have travelled to play professional baseball in Japan. Baseball betting tips may not be as common for the NPB as they are for MLB but baseball betting strategies can be implemented easily.

The Main Baseball Betting Markets

As with many sports which have leagues and competitions stretching over a long period, you have the option of making long term bets and short term bets, each of which are covered in the main baseball betting markets listed below.

  • Divisional Titles – Which teams will win the MLB Divisional titles?
  • Pennant Titles – A straight knockout format during the play-off season of MLB, which is very exciting for betting.
  • World Series – The seven match MLB series to decide the winning team for that season. The same market applies to other leagues, such as NPB and MLB (the professional Mexican league).
  • Moneyline – Selecting the winner of an individual match.
  • Run Lines – By how many runs do you think the potential victors will win?
  • Over/Under Run Totals – How many runs do you think will be scored in the game? You can bet over or under a specified total.

Tips to Help Betting on Baseball

There are several things you can do, to improve your chances of making a winning baseball bet. Even if some of them may sound trivial, they are all key to giving you the best opportunity of making money betting on baseball and you should always follow them before placing a bet.

A Level Playing Field

If you are used to betting on European sports, such as football and rugby, you will be used to seeing teams who are much stronger coming out on top on a regular basis. This is not the case with baseball and due to the draft pick system, teams compete on a much more level playing field than they do in other sports. Once glance at the MLB World Series winners shows that between 2001 and 2016, there has been a different winner each year, so keep this in mind when betting.


Always study the statistics of the teams on which you are betting. Look at the form guides and you can pick out which teams are batting well, which pitchers are in form, how many runs they are conceding and who is struggling to win on the road. Websites such as ESPN are very good for baseball statistics.

Finding Value

This is true of any sport on which you are betting and during the baseball regular season, finding value bets can be easier than any other sport. Due to the long season, even a team who appear to be struggling near the bottom of their division can travel to a team near the top and defeat them. Look at the head-to-head records of the teams and check both home and away form because you may find a seemingly struggling team at the bottom, enjoys playing a team close to the top and the odds will be good. Online baseball betting tips may highlight some of these for you but not all of them, so always check it out for yourself to make sure.

Baseball Betting Strategies

There are many general trading systems which can be applied to baseball but there are others which are specific to the sport and can be used to help you make a nice profit. As with any baseball trading strategy you may find on the internet, there is still risk involved and you are never guaranteed to make money, so always keep this in mind when deciding on how much you are going to bet.

Baseball Underdog Strategy

This is one of the best baseball betting strategies available because you can pick under 50% of underdog winners and still make a nice profit.

To put this baseball betting strategy into practice, you must check for a full schedule of games in the American and National League and eliminate any where the moneyline odds for the underdog are greater than 6/4. Check the form guide and eliminate any games in which the favourites have won three or more games in a row and the underdogs have lost three or more games in a row.

Having done that, eliminate any games where the favourites pitcher is ranked inside the top-20 for the American League or National League. You will be left with between three and nine games on which to bet and you should bet £20 or a close to that amount as you can afford, on the underdog in each game. Don’t forget to check all the odds to find the best available before placing your bets, as you could be missing out on potentially bigger winnings.

Add any profit you make to your betting bankroll and increase your following days bets accordingly, placing 1.25% of your bankroll on each game. You will need to start with a decent size bankroll to employ this baseball betting strategy but in the long term it has proven to be profitable. However, as mentioned above, never bet what you cannot afford, as there are no guarantees when it comes to betting on sport and this applies to baseball.


Baseball is different to many other sports outside of the USA, due to the fact teams compete on a more level playing field. However, as the season develops you will always find underdogs in matches and you can take advantage of these, using the appropriate statistical information and baseball betting strategies.

As there are so many games played during a professional baseball season, such as the MLB and NPB, you will never be short of betting opportunities and baseball can be one of the most enjoyable sports on which to bet. Study the statistics, the rosters and always look for value bets, as this will give you best chance of making a successful baseball bet.

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